The Run-Away Guest

     My wife invited a co-worker to our home the other day for a brief business meeting.  After sitting and discussing a pending sale for a few moments, the co-worker asks, “I’m sorry could I bother you for a drink?”  My wife, immediately apologizes for failing to offer before being asked and replies “Sure, of course!”  Before she’s able to complete the sentence, her guest pops up, walks up the stairs into the kitchen and finally into the refrigerator to claim her just reward. (Insert sound of tires screeching to a halt.)

     Now, I don’t know how you were raised but in our house it was forbidden and punishable by death to walk through someone’s house as a guest without first being invited to do so; let alone go into their refrigerator… please.  So my wife scurries to corral the run-away guest and helps her back to her ‘rightful’ place in the den with her drink in hand. 

     So, later that evening we began to discuss the event over dinner.  We had a similar up-bringing as it related to the matter so we both agreed that it was a little strange.  We then started to compare stories of other friends who’ve had similar experiences and their take on the matter.  Some people don’t seem to have an issue with this behavior and you could actually go into their homes and do the same thing, no problems.

     So, I started to look at the subconscious behavior behind the physical act.  She expressed that she wanted something and she got up and made it happen.  She didn’t wait for the moment to be just right, she didn’t even ask for directions to the kitchen, she just went for it.  That’s a learned behavior.  

    How many of us are sitting around waiting for that glass of water to be brought to us?  How much longer are you going to wait for it?  How would you know what was actually put into the glass?  And we looked at her as if she were the strange one….

T Scott

4 responses to “The Run-Away Guest

  1. At least she asked. I’ve had guests that just have grabbed stuff out of the fridge. And no, we weren’t friends. I think there’s a definite line between self-help and rudeness. Thanks so much for subscribing to my blog! I hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

  2. On thing that I realized growing up was that regardless of how well my family new the guests or not, they just didn’t walk around someone’s house unless they had permission. There were two types of people in my house; the ones that understood they’re place in my family’s circle and didn’t need permission and the one’s who never went any further than my livingroom. It was an unwritten rule that when in my house get permission before making any sudden movements. Even now I will wait until the owner give me entrance into other parts of their house.

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