You Might Be…

If you…

Are always cutting the other person off in an argument because they’re taking too long to get it out

Have been accused of being too emotional and cry even during commercials

Have been accused of always talking too loudly

Have been labeled as Bossy

Take forEver to get dressed because you have to be casket sharp before you step out

Are just very passionate but everyone thinks that you’re always mad

You might be a PHYSICAL

If you..

Are the one that’s always ‘acting funny’ and not expressing your feelings

Are the one that brings up things that happened ten years ago to prove your point in an argument today

Are normally the cool or ‘quiet one’ but later explodes for no reason

Are the first to say ‘ok, fine’ but don’t really mean ‘ok, fine’

Think that putting work before everything else is the best way to show your family that you care

Are quiet during an argument because you’re thinking of how you’re going to get the other person back

Could careless about how you dress because you feel the real you looks good on the inside

You might be an EMOTIONAL

If you find that you fit into both categories equally, you just might be crazy and you need to seek help immediately…lol (No..seriously)  Though each person’s level of these identifying characteristics varies, everyone falls into one of these two behaviors and should also fit a little into the other.  Don’t add too much weight to the labels physical and emotional; it’s more important to realize the effects of being either one.  Once you can identify the behavior types, you may then begin to assess how to best communicate with the other.  The physical and emotional speak different languages and unfortunately this is what attracts the two and causes the most issues.  Although it would seem that you’d want to be in a relationship with someone just like yourself, think about it.  Would you really?  No, you wouldn’t and I wouldn’t either.  Anyway, the point of all of this is to shed a little light on alllll of the relationship issues you have ever had and ever will; personal or business.

Ultimately these behaviors should be looked at  in a positive manner as they are merely our unique ways of communicating our thoughts and feelings.  We should do all that we can to learn to speak the language of the  person that we’re communicating with.  That alone is the key to effective communication…i.e. less drama!

30 responses to “You Might Be…

  1. Loved it and not brave enough just yet to admit where I fall just yet.. for I think it might be crazy.. nah… yet I did go from emotional to physical… which is odd. Always saw myself as the emotional type. :Love it.

    *checks again to make sure*
    Yup. I am definitely a physical! (You can probably tell just from this comment)

  3. I learned in recent times I am “normal”. It was acceptance of my uniqueness that allowed me to feel just fine in my craziness… just little old me.. that’s all. Seriously… good piece… and thought provoking. and thanks for letting me plug my blog. I write something everyday at

  4. Very sensible post! What is your opinion of Myers-Briggs typing? Not so much about how to communicate (which I need being autistic and writing better than I speak), but I think it quite good for personality typology.

    Love the toon too!

  5. i suppose i am the latter – to the point where my children call me a “ball of emotion”.

    Fortunately, my wife is very much the former – thus keeping my balling emotions in check… =]

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