What your handwriting says about you

Did you know that it’s possible to tell whether you’re a physical or an emotional just by looking at your handwriting?  It’s true!  Our handwriting is controlled by our ideo-motor responses which simply means that its controlled by our subconscious.  It’s like riding a bike; once you know how, you then only concern yourself with where you’re going.  With writing, you don’t think about how to write only what to.

Before you read on please find a blank sheet of line-less paper (If you read this first you’ll spoil it for yourself). Write down this phrase in cursive if you can (preferred):

My handwriting will tell me six thousand five hundred and forty-eight things about my personality.

Which way are the letters leaning? Left, right or straight up and down?

Leaning to right – Most likely physical

Leaning left – Most likely emotional

Straight up and down – most likely intellectual

  • If you find that the entire sentence has an upward slant, you’re probably really optimistic about something in your life right now.  If it’s slanting downward you’re probably not feeling so well about something.
  • If your handwriting is constantly changing, it’s because your mood is probably also constantly changing.

Most of us were taught to write from left to right and with a right leaning slant.  However when our subconscious mind is activated, it does whatever it wants.  I use the words most likely and probably a lot because no one fits perfectly into any group as one commenter reminded me.

So, emotionals are typically introverts so the left lean simulates withdrawal or a pulling away from.  Physicals are typically extroverts so their letters lean forward.  Its funny too because this is how they communicate physically as well.  The physical is always coming forward and in your face and the emotional is backing away like, “Hey, back up a little you’re too close.” Ha. There are so many more interesting things you can learn from your handwriting.  I just wanted to share with you a few.

So, the next time you’re looking at someone’s handwriting, check it out and see if you can make out which personality they are.


– Dehypnotize

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66 responses to “What your handwriting says about you

  1. Mine varies between straight up and down to leaning slightly to the left. The only time my handwriting ever learns to the right is if I’m signing my name. I definitely see a lot of truth to this!

    • Hey Jamie, thanks for playing along. That typically means that you’re a bit reserved but you show yourself as out going. Either way balance is the key and your results indicate that you have that! Thank you again for stopping by.

  2. Mine leans to the right, but I’m the definition of an introvert. But hey, like you said, “most likely” and “probably”, right? 🙂

    Also, it took me an embarrassingly long time to write that sentence in cursive.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I was actually just talking about this the other day with a friend of mine. Mine definitely slants right, but frequently my whole sentences slant downward. I don’t think I’m consistently feeling negative about something? But that’s why you included the words “mostly” and “usually”. Good post.

  4. Hi! Thought I’d Stop by and say” very intrereting” will be back for more reading when I get the time… God Bless… Bro Pat

  5. Great piece. My handwriting confuses me so much because it changes so often. At times it is all upper case and then at others it is lower case. Most of the time it is just untidy and it makes me think each of the voices on my head have their own writting style!

  6. My handwriting is huge and weird and loopy and it wants to go up and it slants to the right. =P (lol I just noticed that I wrote “forty” as “farty” accidentally)

  7. I thought I would be one way and my handwriting says another thing. An interesting contradiction which is, by the way, how a lot of people describe me. Nice post!

  8. You know, one fine day at a job I didn’t like, I was spending my down time writing. On a slow morning at any restaurant, the hostess doesn’t have much to do considering she doesn’t serve, she doesn’t wait, she doesn’t bus (not in all, but in many places.) So, I was writing; mostly scribbling down notes on people that I found interesting in the place to construct some poetry at a later date. A customer walks in and I put my scratch aside. Little did I know when he was talking with me, asking about a table and how my day was going, he was studying my writing, a graphologist of sorts. I don’t know if I believed everything he said but when he started explaining myself to me without ever knowing me… I was floored. By the way, have you ever read Diary by Chuck Palahniuk? Great read. Thanks for this.

    • Hey Ashley, boy…do I know about the restaurant indrustry…lol. It is funny how we all think that we’re sooo different than everyone else but in actuality, we’re just like everyone else…thanks for stopping by and the book referal!

  9. My letters lean to the right, but I don’t think I am physical, but rather emotional. I also consider myself introvert, I am also left-handed, does this mean anything?

    • Absolutely, the right lean is taught however, another way to tell is by the size of the writing. Large(physical) small(emotional). I’m left handed as well that means you’re right brained and you may also be creative..

  10. Bang goes the theory T. Thank you for following my blog. About the handwriting. Mine does slope toward the right but I am an emotional person. I am also a little extrovert. Possibly these things can tell a lot about a person but you cannot always be sure.

    Shirley Anne xxx

    • Anne, thanks for stopping by. The rightward slant was taught, there are many, many other indicators that tell more details. For example Large writing (physical) Small (emotional). This was just a tease of how to tell…thanks again for stopping by!

  11. This is cool! I was looking through my notebook which has both class notes and a few journal type paragraphs in it…the class notes are up and down and the journal paragraphs have a right slant. I guess I am only intellectual when I have to be?

  12. Before I try this I have to ask: What if your hands are crippled as mine are? Will there be any accuracy in analysis except to say it’s bloody awedul? (lol) Handwriting analysis is interesting so I hope you can answer. Thanks!

    • Your physical status will reflect in your writing…there are other determining factors here…large(physical) .. small(emotional)…Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy your work as well.

  13. My sweetheart and I just did this exercise together. I wrote, he wrote, then I read the blog for both of us. Both of us produced samples with almost all of the letters vertical (although my lines were horizontal and his go up slightly from left to right).

    Interesting note: the word “forty-eight” in my sample came at the end of the second of three lines and in the middle of his second of three lines. The letters in the word “forty-eight” are the only letters either of us wrote with a slant. We both slanted them to the right. Coincidence?

  14. This was awesome!!! Here in London its half past 5 in the morning, but I turned my light on, found a piece of paper and pen, and tried this out! Turns out I’m an emotional…heh 😀 I was hoping there would be more about this, do feel free to write more 😀

  15. Hi T Scott,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. And, I think it may be helpful to tell folks that our handwriting has subtle changes all the time, to reflect the nuances of our emotions. Our signatures are our main “insights” into our emotions and beliefs. Jury selection, IRS, and knowing employers will ask for or “look at” our handwriting. Good post! Thanks and all the best, Barb

  16. Extremely interesting piece; it seems separating the physicality from the emotional and mental is a mistake; as you point out in your article, human actions are holistic in nature. The handwriting proves that.

    • I don’t think that it is possible to seperate any of the three as we are all three at the sametime. However, we do act on one more so than the other. There is a lot more to this than can be put in a blog but stay tuned there is more coming…thanks for stopping by and commenting..

  17. This is a really interesting post.
    My handwriting tends to lean slightly to the left. And if I write on a white piece of paper (no lines) my handwriting does go up. I think this does describe me in some ways. I’m going to have so much fun checking out other people’s handwriting & seeing what type of people they are.
    I also remember my teacher saying that if someone has big handwriting they are insecure and don’t have a strong personality.

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  20. Interesting stuff! Mine is pretty much straight up so I guess that makes me a positive intellectual haha! Thanks for visiting my blog, and bringing my attention to yours 🙂

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  22. seriously, im 14, my handwriting changes everytime even possibly at school, the teachers are really getting annoyed with it ”your handwriting is nice, but you need to keep your handwriting same everyday, dont change it”. But i cant, its the pen of the pressure and how i write, every single day my handwriting goes neat, slant, posh(calligraphy), and even cursive. “why did your handwriting change”? thats what my citizenship teacher said. Any other solution? Thanks – Regards_ Alaina Tabassum

    • Hey Alainia,
      Thank you for dropping by. Typically your handwriting changes according to your mood swings. People will tell you that there’s something wrong with this but they’re wrong.
      This simply means that you’re probably creative. I would advise that you follow what your teacher says in class and then develop your creativity at other times.
      As you get older you’ll develop a more consistent style of writing. Bottom line…don’t sweat it. Hope this helped.

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