Physical (Over protective) Father

Note: Physical =Extrovert (Also, this is the extreme case of this personality)

The physical father is known by many names; the go getter, a leader, the A type personality, hustler, playa playa, a ‘real man’, the life of the party, quick-tempered, a**hole, mover and shaker… and the list goes on.  So let’s see how this personality works in a relationship.

The physical male/female are called this because of their physical connection to their emotions.  This means if they think or feel it, they typically are going to do or say it and typically before thinking or caring about the ’emotional’ consequences behind it.  This is also the reason for their promiscuity, quick tongue and most importantly spontaneity.

Most likely you’ve married an emotional that sees you as bossy, never home, needing too much sex and a serious charmer…to other women that is.  When you walk into a room people tense up because they never know when you’re going to snap about something insignificant and then  go on like nothing ever happened.

I almost don’t need to tell you how to make your home life a little easier because (I mean this in the best way) you’re not a good listener; you’re a great talker.  You’re a giver, not a receiver but the havoc that you wreak on those around you clouds your good intentions.  People don’t take your candor the way that you mean for them to…they take it personally.

The physical affection that you show your family is unmatched, however your quick temper and passion can easily turn into physical abuse.  This just comes from your need to ‘physically’ express your emotions.  You will effectively turn your children into bullies, outspoken problem kids in school.  If your child is always getting into trouble for talking in class or not following directions…its very likely that you’re already successful in passing down your traits.

I want to reiterate that this personality is not bad or negative, it just is! The whole purpose of attracting your opposite is to bring balance to your life.  There is nothing wrong with the person that you’re with, they must have a smaller personality to make room for your huge one.  If you think that you’d be better off with someone more like yourself…ha please go try it.  You’d make great friends with a physical partner but you’d kill each other in a relationship. You’d argue all the time over what would seem like little things.  You’d always be gone…so would she.  The biggest argument would be…you’re not the boss of me!!!

Ok, lastly let me say that because you have sex with  your body and not your mind (emotions), it’s harder for you to be satisfied.  This leads to late nights at the office, more ‘hanging out’ with the guys etc.  What you may not know is that although your emotional partner may not face you directly about your behavior, they are doing something about it.  You should talk to: Lionel Richie,  Al Green and most painfully John Bobbitt.

At the end of the day it’s just about balance; so physical father if you’d like to make home life a little better; count to ten before reacting in any situation…calm down then speak or take action…everything doesn’t require a fight!

– Dehypnotize

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12 responses to “Physical (Over protective) Father

  1. Nice post, did u see your previous one I posted on my blog?…………anyway,I’d just like to say,I do like the post,but don’t agree with some of the points, as a physical person,I can get emotional too,and I reason,and nothing ,nobody can say for sure that 2 physical people can’t work……….I am very physical,so is my boyfriend,we know our flaws and we deal with it! If (+) can only attract its opposite (-) , then why do we have gays and lesbians (not sentimental) ………. Like you said,physical people are usually misunderstood,and about thinking before we act,we do think, we just mostly end up doing things we want to do not what people thinks is right (which makes it look like we didn’t think it over)………I could go on and on,but you’ve pretty much said the most important things!

    • Hey Lioness, it would take a book to explain all of the characteristics of either personality. In short, we are all both P/E we just lean o one more so than the other. These examples are of the extremes so you’ll see a little of yourself in both. Thanks for the dialogue…I like when someone challenges my opinion…it only changes it or makes it stronger! I’ll go make a note that these are extreme cases. About the gay relationship…they still attract their opposite…one is normally more of the ‘male’ personality than the other. About your relationship…two of the same personality can and sometimes do get together but one is still going to be more physical than the other…I’m just going to guess but I’d bet that you’re more physical than your boyfriend. Oh yeah I did see your reposts…thank you, thank you again!

  2. wow… interesting u tackled some areas that I totally agree….. I like the closing part ….
    At the end of the day it’s just about balance; so physical father if you’d like to make home life a little better; count to ten before reacting in any situation…calm down then speak or take action…everything doesn’t require a fight!……

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