The Emotional Mother

(Note: Emotional in this case means passive or passive aggressive. This is also the extreme case for this behavior.)

Emotional Mother…(smh).  Ms. Independent, long-suffering, meek and soft-spoken.  Your sensitive ways make you more aware of your surroundings by magnifying all that you encounter. You seem slow to respond as you over analyze your every thought and tactical move.  Your sarcasm is typically the result of you feeling attacked in someway and is then used as a weapon not a tool.  Always needing to be in control of your emotions, you think your way past your feelings.  You seem crude, stuck up, prudish  anti-social and sometimes just down right weird to those who don’t get you…which is going to be a good majority of people.

Your husband is ‘probably’ the ‘Physical’ male, who by his very nature, is away most of the time.  Although you’d like for him to be at home more you don’t want to seem like you’re nagging him all the time.  Besides, everyone needs there alone time right?  Your patience allows you to deal with work, home and your social life because you’re a solid rock… a solid rock with a tumor growing inside of it.  Suppression of your emotional responses is not healthy for anyone in the relationship.  You’re a ticking time bomb waiting for someone to do one more thing before you unleash shock and awe.

When we express ourselves, we release energy and just like energy, what we release can be positive or negative.   Talking can also be therapeutic by the way of releasing stress.  Because you’re not outwardly expressive you give others the opportunity to define or label you as they see you.  Now, please don’t tell me that you don’t care what people think about you…ultimately we all care what others think of us.  What you think that others are thinking of you, they’re probably not and if you’d communicate your true feelings more you’d find that people will begin to respond to you differently.  Sarcasm, though short and sweet, is normally packed with various sharp objects for doing considerable harm to its intended victim.  Adding sugar to a razor blade doesn’t stop it from cutting if swallowed.  Everyone is not against you or out to get you.  This is also very important to know, the physical male/female may come across as not caring about your feelings but this is not the case.  They really do care, they just don’t hold on to issues the way that you do.  Once it’s over, it’s over.  You may have been told this before, “Get over it already that was last year!”  You really should let it go, holding on causes more harm than good.

Lastly, I like to think of our peersonalities as ‘super powers’ and when trained will allow us to achieve incredible feats in our lives.  So, the next time someone calls you too sensitive, remember that the root word of sensitive is sense; as in our five senses.  Take this as a compliment meaning that you hear, see, taste, smell and feel things more intensely than most.  But what good is it to have all of these intense feelings  if you’re not going to share them with anyone?


10 responses to “The Emotional Mother

  1. Oh T Scott I like this…it strikes a chord in me…I was brought up to suppress my emotions and certainly not to communicate them to anyone else…heaven forbid. Keep your reactions to yourself Jane as others certainly don’t want you pouring your stuff all over them..I was called over sensitive more times than I care to remember when I was growing up. It took me years to figure out that this mantra we were taught in childhood was to keep the family secrets as just that, secret. I can now express my emotions in an adult way without causing harm to others and balance life by talking about things and listening as well, listening is important. Thanks for this post.

    • Wow Jane, there are so many of ‘us’ that experienced this same up bringing but had we not gone through that we wouldn’t have the understanding that we do now. Thank you for your support!!

  2. I love your posts, it’s a pleasure to read them and I always learn something or it helps me to settle past dust…keep them coming.

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