Dream Therapy

Through the millenia dreams have played an integral part in the shaping of history as well as the present.  Because They are still largely a mystery, most people simply dismiss their dreams as unnecessary thoughts of the night.  Nightmares tend to stay with us longer because they incite more of our emotions just as with regular memories.

Have you ever dreamed that you’d hidden money in a particular place and once you were awake you went to look for it? Ha! I have…several times, of course it was never there.  What about flying or falling or the one I really hate; running or fighting in slow motion or not being able to move at all?  If you answered yes to any of these this says that certain types of dreams are very common separated only by our experiences.  Dreams can be influnced by the external environment.  For example, waking up from a dream that you were on fire only to realize that someone had turned on the heat in the middle of a Georgia summer.  They can also be influence by changes in the body.  For example,  the falling dreams are said to be a result of sugar level decreases through the night.

So what do our dreams mean?  Anyone that tells you that they can interpret your dreams is probably not being honest and/or they’re trying to make a few dollars of you.  If they tell you that they can help YOU interpret your own dreams, that is actually possible. You are the only one that knows what your dreams truly mean and an honest interpreter will only guide you back to a self assessment.

The key to understanding our dreams is first understanding that our emotions are the driving force behind everything that happens in our lives. When we experience our emotions while awake, we move on the in some way, that’s why they’re called e-‘motions’. However, our bodies are in a paralytic state while we’re asleep so we can only move within our minds once we feel them.  For example; do your dreams jump from one scene to the next and make absolutely no sense at times?  This is because as our feelings change, how and what we see changes as well.  Have you ever awakened from a nightmare sweating or screaming?  These were times when the emotions were too strong for the mind to move away from so the body had to react.

Dreams are ultimately stress release mechanisms. They’re like the garbage men of our system. The more stress that you’ve taken on throughout the day, the more active your dreams may be… a lot of garbage has to be taken out. If you find that you can’t get to sleep at times because of the stress from the day, it still comes back to those pesky emotions – it’s how you ‘feel’ about the stress of the day. The next time you can’t sleep because you’re thinking too much about a problem or an issue, try thinking about the useless emotions that you’re attaching to the situation instead of the situation itself. When you start to focus on how ridiculous it looks to exert so much energy over something you have no control over (it’s even worse if you do have control over it and you’re still stressing) your mind can relax and figure the problem out for you. Remeber…you have all of your answers, others can only show you how to identify and apply them. It doesn’t matter what anyone says to you, you still process life – the way you think.  At the end of the day our problems are not the problem…it’s our emotions.

Now I know that this doesn’t explain deja vu or prophetic dreams neither was it meant to, that’s another posting on its own.  This was meant to show that the images and symbols that we see in our dreams have only come from what we’ve experienced as individuals in our lives.

So, I’ll close by saying that the more you are able to control your feelings, reactions or responses through the day (there is a way to do this that I’ll address in an upcoming post), the more restful sleep you’ll have at night, which allows you to better handle the stress of the next day which allows for more peaceful sleep that night and so on…

11 responses to “Dream Therapy

  1. Running in slow motion – ALL the time. I hate those. I’ve heard dreams are supposed to be stress relievers, but some of those dreams just stress me out even more. Recently, I had a dream that a friend of mine was really angry at me for not having talked to her or visited her in a little while. When I woke up, I felt super guilty until I texted her. :/

  2. I love coming across blogs that speak to my situation. I also have that slow-motion running dreams. That is frustrating! But I dream alot about water. The color/clarity of the water depends on what I’m going through at the time. I’m going to try and download my thoughts before I go to bed so all my fears and insecurities don’t keep manifesting in my dreams.

      • I’ve always had the notion that dreams are for the brain preparing for what to do in future attacks…would make sense from an evolutionary standpoint, and also a modern day one. Maybe it’s even to expose us to the ‘worst case scenario’, so it’ll feel less bad if it happens in reality? Who knows.

      • Funny thing…it’s all of the above (in my opinion) We are all and none at the sametime. Awake we are in our con-science minds…asleep we are in our un-con- science minds (double negative there) so we’re essentially in our ‘science’ minds. This allows us to travel in time, fly etc. very interesting stuff once you get into it!!

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