Travon vs George phase ll begins

Now that George Zimmerman has been arrested, I guess we will start to see those opposed to a conviction begin to emerge. This is a rhetorical question but worthy of asking. Does anyone remember the feeling the world had on 9/11? Remember the senators were all praying and singing together on the senate floor no less? How would you say they’re getting along now?  How would you say the emotional state of the country is now about 9/11.  Let’s just say it’s a little different than it was then…. the emotions are gone.

One thing I noticed in this case is that when people come together for a common goal things happen. However, I believe the larger message in this is lost to the ‘sin’sationalism of the story. The media is only able to stay relevant as long as they are able to excite emotions. There is actually more good news to report than bad, unfortunately, good news doesn’t touch us the way that bad news does that’s why there’s so little of it reported.

So, what happens now that Mr. Zimmerman has been arrested? The bus loads of people will go back to their everyday lives with stories to tell their friends and relatives of how they are involved (all well and fine), but, how many of them will go back and rally in their own neighborhoods for better education! What about rallying for after school or community programs to keep kids in hoodies from perpetuating this negative stereo type.  Or what about a rally against racial profiling instead of sitting back joining the fray of pointing fingers at ‘the others’. 

Travon wasn’t just a victim of George Zimmerman, he was a victim of years of a society ignorant of looking inside First to solve problems. Everything that we see is only the result or display of what’s going on internally. Seriously, are there crimes committed by individuals wearing hoodies? Does racial profiling take place? Yes and yes! So, let’s stop pretending that our kid is not the bad one. Let’s address these issues from a how can ‘I’ change position as opposed to how can I change the other person/people.

Here’s a thought, changing one’s self ‘changes’ the people around them.  Let’s pray for both families and all those involved…. please

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13 responses to “Travon vs George phase ll begins

      • I agree with you there, I am just sick of the media twisting what may or may not have happened, one outlet says a witness heard or so this and another says something different. That sort of thing does not help anyone! or solve anything!

  1. This case is a joke, the monkeys came out of the jungle and threatened civalization with riots and mass chaos if the white man didn’t make an arrest. The city and national goverment caved in out of fear and sacrificed a human to put the animals to rest. This country has turned into one big joke with one of them trying to lead the country when he himself is as anti USA and white as the rest of the animals.

    • Wow…a true American. You make a good point. Negative behavior based soley on an emotional state is animalistic. I guess when you do the research, we all fall into that same category, we just express it in different ways. Your passion in this situation is a great example. Because of how you see things going in the country it really ‘grinds your gears’ and makes you react to it ’emotionally.’ There’s no problem with that until your view becomes ‘the’ view and everyone else especially those not like you become the problem. I’ve actually been waiting for someone like you to respond to this. I don’t take your passion for hate and you shouldn’t either. Let’s just get out and do something ‘positive’ with that passion. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and commenting!

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    I am not American, but these cases happen all over the world, the only difference from there and Nigeria is no one cares if a cab shot someones is a hoody, suit , jean! NOBODY cares, so it never gets talked about! Policemen kill people here everday and absolutley nothing is done, and this is just heartbreaking………..

  3. well written. but with us all going home on our “buses” and getting back to the grind, nothing will change – nothing. am i a pessimist in “As the World Turns”? i guess so . . . do something positive? i try but what i have to say is presently interpreted by our culture as “discrimination and intolerance.” remember Tebow? media mockery. “These are arrests and citations involving NFL players since 2000 that were more serious than speeding tickets . . .” media, media, media? no prob . .

    • Hey Cindi, Thanks for reading. You are absolutely correct. I remember Bill Cosby trying to say and do something positive as well in our community and he was met with the utmost disdain. Well I’m not Bill Cosby and I’m going to tell it like it is. I didn’t come from wealthy beginnings so I’m well equipped to deal with that bunch. I encourage you to continue doing what your heart tells you to and nevermind about those trying to be PC the message is not for them anyway…they wouldn’t get it! Thanks again for dropping by.

  4. Well….now the real show begins. I imagine there will be a legion of “he has been suffering since the incident” rhetoric. I believe that whatever the outcome he will truly suffer within himself. He won’t be able to look in the mirror without seeing what everyone else sees; a murderer. No other way to put it. He is an overzelous, want to be cop you took the law into his own hands for no apparent reason other than his perceived notion of what a criminal looks like. The one with the hoodie, who no doubt is looking for trouble. Not sure though that if there wasn’t such an outcry, would we be talking about a trial? I truly want some justice for the family, for all the past and unfortunately future Trayvons. We really need some………

    • I’m with you on this one. I believe justice should be served to make the point that we are all under the same law and have to abide by it. b Thank you for your comments.

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