Our Lying Eyes

I remember sitting in science class as a youngster learning about how the eye works.  It was quite interesting, even then, to learn how we see things initially upside down then the image is flipped for the brain to process.  This in and of it self is not such a huge deal but it gets a little more interesting the closer you look at this.  We live under the impression that we look out with our eyes.  This is not the case, our eyes are holes that receive data from the world around us.  Our brains translate this data into information that allows us to respond to our environment.  This is why it’s so hard for us to ‘see’ ourselves, we’re still stuck in the riddle of looking out.  The answer to every issue you have had and will have in life is inside not out.  The outside is for data purposes only!

Magic works ;by tricking the eyes into receiving data that’s  not really there.  Once our brains receive this data it accepts it as real and we respond to it. All of our senses are constantly receiving and transmitting information back to the brain for response.  The problem is that we’re typically not aware of that little moment between the two.  The moments between receive and react.  This is the mechanism that has been set to automatic.  We don’t consider how to respond, we simply respond.  Our emotions have guided the way for so long that now, we blindly trust that they’re making the right decisions for us.

Thoughts travel at the speed of light or very close to it, so when someone says to think ahead, take it literally.  The world around you slows down when you know how it works…you’re ahead of time and you wait for everyone else to get there.  How we perceive things is based on how we were taught to perceive them.  Even the decisions that we make that we consider our own are based on our past experiences and what was suggested to us during those times.

Lastly, if things are literally not what they seem to be, then figuratively speaking is a very easy next step.


Photo Credits : www.topnews.in and www.slices-of-life.com

4 responses to “Our Lying Eyes

  1. we are living in the world of illusion. “That, Lobsang,” he said, “is stone, the vibrations which we term stone.” – great blog and great work.

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