How To Hypnotize Your Boss

The first thing that you should know about hypnosis is that it’s not what you see on TV.  What it is though, is a way to have a person pay absolute attention to your words while you speak or suggest things to them…like TV.  To do this is very simple… whether it’s your boss or someone you’re in relationship with, you have to speak their language.

This requires the learned art of listening.  Is this person a visual, auditory or kinesthetic communicator?  Listen to the words they use such as, “touch basis with me later” (kinesthetic) or “see me about this later” (visual) or “listen, you’re doing great” (auditory).  Identify your own method of communicating then pay attention to what styles the people around you use.  A good exercise to do is practice using other styles of communicating with these people and watch how connected they’ll feel to you.

Have you ever had coworker that you knew didn’t know as much as you about the job but they got the promotion?  They always come to you for answers but in front of the boss they take all the credit? Ha, gotta love’m. This person is typically the Physical, the Emotional is normally uncomfortable drawing attention to themselves but envy those that do. Just remember that people pay more attention to how things ‘look’ than how they actually are.


So is your boss a Physical or an Emotional? 

The Physical boss is normally known as the jerk or a*#hole, very loud at times and comes across as insensitive. They’re like the sour patch kids,”at first they’re sour then they’re sweet.”  They’re very ‘bossy’, quick tempered and always seem to be stressed out.

The Emotional boss is the one that comes across as your friend but turns on you when the heat is on.  The Emotional doesn’t like confrontation so they go along to get along.  They’re the quiet ones that won’t say what’s wrong with them until they’re handing you a release form.

To hypnotize anyone you must again speak their language.  Speak literally or boldly to the Physical boss and inferentially or insinuate things to the Emotional.  Every time that you speak with your boss suggest to them solutions to any challenge you come across.  More importantly, get to them before that other guy does that got all of his answers from you.  Emotional workers are more often looked over than the Physical because in all areas the Physical will make themselves seen or heard, while the Emotional will wait to be recognized…good luck.

Lastly,  you don’t have to like the people that you work with, you just have to know how to communicate with them.  Being the best communicator in the office automatically puts the focus on you, from there begin to suggest that you’re leader they’ve been looking for and take that position that you’ve been working so hard to achieve…the other guy is probably in the office with the boss right now suggesting that he’s the one.


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