Black People Are Too Sensitive

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from all races, including my own. In spite of the title meaning to bring awareness, some people are being too sensitive right now. That’s ok because you’re the very ones this post is addressed to.

When people say that someone is to sensitive, they’re really saying that this person over reacts to things. This is simply extreme physical behavior. Whatever is felt is coming out… in an extreme fashion. I’ve heard this called being too aggressive or having animalistic tendencies and all sorts of uninformed epithets. So, if I could rephrase the title here it would say that black people are more of the physical personality than most. It’s important to make this distinction because until we remove the negative titles of right and wrong in others’ behavior, we’ll never see our desired results.

I read the other day that Bill Maher said that he wished President Obama would act more like a typical black than a Wayne Brady type. There was a mini outrage that he could be so insensitive when speaking about someone’s race. However, I heard what he said completely different. My interpretation of this was that he wished that the President would be more of a Physical than an Emotional and the President is definitely an Emotional; let’s see how this is so. He takes forever to make a decision, he’s been mockingly called an ‘intellectual’, he’s very calculating when he speaks and he’s married to Michelle…a Physical (or the angry black woman as I’ve heard her called). So, this is to say that his personality and/or decisions will appeal to those like him; Bill Maher I’m guessing is not one of those people.  This again is a case of blaming someone for not being the way that you are.  John McCain was also an Emotional and if you’ll notice, they both chose Physical’s as their running mates. Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are both Physicals. They were the attack dogs for their party and regardless of what you think or thought about their politics they were more visible in some ways than Obama or McCain. I promise I’m getting to a point.

So, some say that we need an attack dog as President while others feel that we need someone who’ll think things through before making rushed decisions; or in other words some want a Physical and others want an Emotional.  What does all of this mean? It means that there are and always will be two sides to everything from politics to race; if blacks are more Physical, then whites would be more Emotional. Now, let me clarify this, there are Physicals and Emotionals in every race, however the degree of physical or emotional behavior will vary by race.

Although things are currently changing, there was a time when if someone black showed any signs of wealth, they had to be playing a sport or an entertainer of some sort. Today, the tide is changing and we’re seeing a more diverse selection of careers in our community, but why were we identified with those fields in the first place?   Because we were physically larger or because we know how to dance (not all black people know how to dance by the way), because we’re said to have soul and we can ‘feel’ it more?  These are all ‘feeling’ or physical things. Those that aren’t ‘feelers’ are thinkers and the thinkers thought of a way to get paid from the feelers expressing themselves all over the place (no control). Let me put it another way; a smaller opponent has to out think his adversary to win a battle; as the saying goes’ Brains over Brawn”. If you think that’s a myth, look around and ask yourself “who’s in control?” The thinkers are! It doesn’t matter the color race or gender, the thinkers run the world and everyone else sits around and complains about it..

Here’s an article from Nielsen:

The African-American population is, today, the largest racial minority group in America, with a population of close to 43 million. This market segment’s growth rate continues to exceed the overall population’s growth and is making continued gains in the area of education and income. The collective buying power of the African-American population is projected to be at $1.1 trillion by 2015. Collectively the group over-indexes in several key categories (television viewing, mobile phone usage and trips to grocery channels) and exerts a large influence on popular culture and trends, indicative of the high growth industries of the future.

Please go back and read the bold print one more time…please. I was almost in tears reading that, $1.1 trillion?! Seriously?

There should not be one black person living in the ghetto when we have a collective buying power of 1.1trillion dollars? We alone could pay off the national debt! Where is all of this money going? To Nike, Mercedes, Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, AT&T, the nail shops, Polo, gold chains, Rims, hospital bills, funerals, ammunition, memorial t-shirts, musical equipment,  40’s, weed, need I go on? China should be thanking the black community for their new economic explosion.  All of these things appeal to the senses and we fall for it every time. If you are indeed poor and not disabled, it’s because you make decisions based on how you feel more than on how you should be thinking.  New clothes, new shoes, a new house; things, things, things.  Most of what we buy depreciates in value the second we put our hands on it… that’s the true definition of a consumer (a destroyer).  We consume our own wealth by eating drinking and clubing it away; that’s a form of cannibalism.  Then we blame eevvverryoonne else for it, teach this to our children and the cycle or generational curse continues.

Please pay attention to the last part of the bolded sentence, indicative of high growth industries of the future. This means that since you’re going to spend $1.1 trillion on watching television, talking on the phone and grocery shopping…(smh) then we’re going to give you more of it!!!!! This keeps the cycle of feeding into your feelings and emotions going. Look at the three categories: the phone, “I’ve got to tell my friends what happened today.” The television – sitting around learning how to be more responsive to your urges by all of the suggestive content television provides. And finally, the grocery store; does anybody wonder why diabetes, cancer and all types of diseases plague our community? And no the government didn’t give us these diseases.  We over indulge in everything that we do because we’re responding to our feelings.

We must simply learn to control…our…emotions! I don’t know if the show ‘The First 48’ just targets only black people or not but it seems that there are a ton of black murders and gangsters out there today. Whether they are targeting blacks or not, we shouldn’t be in a position to be targeted!  I’ve seen too many memorial t-shirts, too many gangstas turn singers and too many body bags on that show for this to be some sort of illusion.

Crime itself is based on one’s inability to control their emotions.  Too many of us are losing our lives over arguments and senseless over reactions to our feelings.  Once you become angry and begin to act on it there’s no turning back.  Your frontal lobes (the decision making portion of the brain) shuts down and you’re operating off of pure adrenaline.  The next thing you know you’re somewhere in a corner crying and bleeding because you dropped the soap.  We do rob from each other, we do kill one another and we get mad when other people say that we do… then stop doing it!!

Lastly, I’m tired of hearing about laws that are being made to help the poor and we are the ones that jump for joy! Why is that? It’s because we identify ourselves as poor or as coming from being poor. Stop that! You become what you identify yourself as, it’s self hypnosis! Now add to that that the thinkers are going to take your $1.1 trillion and use it to hypnotize you even deeper into the abyss of ignorance! Dumb A#%!  I tell you what I’m going to do; I’m going to invest into television, cell phone companies and grocery stores. If people don’t want to change and think that those that do are sellouts then let them think that and make money off of them.

P.S. This doesn’t only apply to black people…


7 responses to “Black People Are Too Sensitive

  1. I have a step-son who I’ve been trying to explain certain truths to. The first is that consumerism is what keeps poor people poor. Rich people love money. Poor people love stuff. Stuff is a quick fix way to give yourself a boost – a moment of enjoyment. Maybe even a way to feel better about yourself. But we weren’t made for stuff and stuff will never fill us. It’s the same thing with food – a moment’s pleasure and then you need more. Same thing with sex. It never ends. I’m trying to teach him not to be beguiled into chasing the quick fix and instead look for what will really feed you – accomplishments, good relationships, spirituality, strong character. No one can take those things and experiences from you. It’s hard to break generational curses – I know. Walking through the fire so our kids won’t have to has nearly broken me and my husband. But there’s no way out but through, you know?

    • Hey Rebecca, yes I do know! Education is the key. Our children are only collections of our personalities therefore the parents must understand themselves individually and then collectively before being able to understand the child. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. I disagree, Maher saying he wanted Obama to be more of a “typical Black guy” was totally out of line. To stay any race has a “typical guy” is to promote a stereotype. I do agree that Black people are often too sensitive but I don’t think that was a good point to exploit.

    • Hey makemydesire, thank you dropping by. I do see and in most cases agree your point. However I used that example because not only did maher say this but we say it about each other as well. He’s not hood enough or hard enough when really we’re only saying that this person is this behavior or that. Yes he was wrong for stereo typing and anyone that does is wrong as well. My goal is to bring attention to the behavior (the cause) not the color or what was said (the result)…we’ve been fighting that losing battle for too long it’s time to change strategies. Thank you again for reading and commenting.

  3. True, black people, white, asian or where ever you come from it is a matter of understanding and putting each individuals life for a good investing, this post brought a lot of things to think about… more power….

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