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Yes, I am writing about another reality show.  These shows are perfect for identifying how the Physical and Emotional characters communicate; plus people are more interested in pop culture than being analyzed.  So, here’s my break down of what I’ve seen so far on the show.

Scrappy and Erika  

The problem in this relationship is that Scrappy and Erika are both Emotionals.  Scrappy’s mom is definitely a Physical, look at how she’s involved with everything that he does.  He may not know it but he’s really looking to be in a relationship with someone like his mom.  Shay is a Physical as well and would actually make a better fit in a relationship for him than Erika.  However, once they settle into their relationship (if they actually get into one) he’s going to say that she’s too bossy and that she acts like she’s his mother… I already see it.  She will also ultimately bump heads with his mother because of the role that she plays in her son’s life and Shay will begin to see him as a momma’s boy.  The relationship could work if they knew what they were up against… good luck to them.

Stevie J and Crew

Stevie J is also an Emotional.  his status makes him more of an extrovert than he actually is.  He uses this very status to control the women he comes into contact with, mostly physical women.  It also seems that he uses the strip club to find some of his intended targets.  This allows him to control the environment without relying on game or looks, simply money and reputation.  Mimi appears to be an Emotional just by the way she puts up with all that goes on.  He’s attracted to her because she’s more stable minded or at least less confrontational than the other women he encounters.  They wouldn’t last in a normal relationship, they’d bore each other to death.  Keeping her as his main chick is a way of holding on to some sort of stability in his life and she stays with him for the same reason.  I don’t see things changing much in this situation.  I could be wrong (I was one other time…lol) but I doubt it.

Kirk & Rasheeda

Kirk and Rasheeda’s issue is more with business than their personal relationship, although the business seems to be affecting that too.  Rasheeda is an Emotional that’s why she comes across as being so cool.  This is also why you’ve probably not heard of her until now.  She’s like the cool girl in the corner with talent while someone without as much talent is in the spotlight.  Emotionals are not good with showing or evoking emotions because they’re disconnected from or internalize them.  The problem here is and is not her management.  To be successful in entertainment you have to be an in your face character at all times and neither of them are extreme Physicals.  Both of them are good at their jobs they’re just not a good business fit… to me.  He listens to the things that she wants and tries to operate from that position or within that box.  What she needs is someone that has a plan and vision for her career that matches her goals and then tell her what to do to get there.  Business is business and relationships have a way of muddying the waters.  So, I’d say to her (if I spoke to her about this) keep your business and your relationship separate it causes less stress.  Also, you need to be more of a Physical if you’d like to see your career take off.


Joseline is of course a Physical, an extreme one, but she has exactly what it takes to become a star… she’s a character.  Notice her style of dress and her willingness to confront anyone that opposes her and apologize when it’s all over.  She also exposed the Emotional behavior in Mimi.  After being threatened, Mimi spoke to Stevie about it and sent her response back through him and she’s holding a grudge about…at least that ‘s how it looked on the show.  Physicals don’t do that, they will handle it right then and there regardless of the situation or outcome.  As far as her getting into a serious relationship, that might not be in her near future.  She’s such an extreme Physical, I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say she’s probably experienced some sort of abuse in her childhood.  Again, I’m only guessing but this is typically the behavior of someone dealing with some hurt in their past.

So, there you have it.  These people were chosen because of their personalities.  That’s why you never see ‘normal’ characters on these shows… they’re boring.  However, please keep in mind that television is the most profitable and successful hypnotist.  If you find that your life is beginning to resemble a reality television show you may want to stop watching reality television…

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