Hypnotic Sales Techniques

Sales can be a very grueling process…when you’re not making money.  However, when your mojo is clicking and the sales are coming in there’s no better feeling.  How do the most successful sales people do it?  I worked in sales for a number of years and made a pretty decent living at it, I wish I would’ve known then what I know now about human behavior.  We were required to attend sales training seminars and the speaker would go through the processes of how to identify a potential client, when to talk and when to shut up and so on.  They provided valuable information but they never significantly improved my numbers so I just went for the free vacations…thanks!

First realize that whenever you talk to someone you’re selling them something or they’re selling you.  Whether it’s an idea or convincing you that what they’re saying is right, it’s all sales.  So, how do we incorporate this information into popping bottles?  The trainers were correct in this, you must first identify the behavior type of the person you’re speaking with.  You do this by allowing them to talk after you’ve introduced yourself and your reason for calling or being there.  This will allow you to pick up on their modality of communication i.e. “Let me see what you have here” (visual) or “Let me get in touch with you (kinesthetic or feelings) or “I hear what you’re saying” (auditory).  Identifying these keywords now gives you a door in.

The first rule of hypnosis is to listen, then build rapport and then create an emotional state in the subject using their words.  It doesn’t matter what the product may be, if you don’t create an emotional attachment with it and the client…no sale.  It’s really more about your sales technique than the product.  I can’t tell you how many things I’ve bought that I didn’t need based on the sales person.  Now, I may have thought that this person was really nice or they just made it sound so good but they had only hypnotized me momentarily.  This happens in restaurants as well.  A good waiter will come over and ‘suggest’ the days specials while using every adjective  he/she can think of to describe the food.  By the end of the spill you’ve forgotten what you really wanted and you’re ordering something completely different.  This is building value in your product.

Overall I’d say, Physicals make the best sales people.  This is due to their sociable personalities, persistence and never take no for an answer attitude.  Emotionals are better with consultative selling than the in your face approach. Put the right personality in the correct position and you’ll see an increase in productivity. Speak literally and directly to the Physical and speak to the Emotional as if you really care about their issue.  This gets you on the same page as the client and builds rapport.  Use the words follow me or because from time to time, this sends a subconscious message to the client that you’re an authority or in control and that they should be following you.  From this point take control, with both personality types and close the deal right then while the Emotions are still high.  Don’t ask for the business, demand it.  This process could take one visit or call or it could take three, regardless of the time frame, apply these principles and your success rate will increase.

So, to recap:

  • Ask open ended questions to get them to talk
  • Identify the client’s personality and modality type
  • Use their words to stimulate emotion in the conversation by building value in your product
  • Take control and close the deal

If you don’t close the next person you talk to, it’s ok, this takes practice.

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