Michelle Obama’s (DNC) Speech

After watching both the RNC and the DNC s(o far), I’d have to say that the women are really stealing the show.   Michelle and Ann are both Physicals.  Physicals convey more outward emotions than your typical Emotional.  Mitt Romney (an Emotional) tried to convey these emotions but didn’t score nearly as high as his Physical wife.  President Obama will speak in a couple of days and I guarantee that his speech won’t be as moving as Michelle’s unless she gives him some pointers.  This is not because there’s anything wrong with the President or Mitt, it’s simply the differences in personalities.

If you look at how each of them has run their campaigns, they try to cater to the center.  This is not because they’re center focused but more so because of their analytical styles of thinking.  Emotionals are more data focused than they are motivational speakers.  They’re also better responders than they are the initiator so expect a good deal of smartalec comments during the debates.  Honestly, Mitt would be just as good or bad (depending on which side you’re on) of a president as Barack Obama; he’d just do it from the Republican side.

I know those on the far right or left would disagree but they’re the same ones that will lack balance in their own homes. One day we will get the message that no matter  the person giving a speech, we actually need both parties to maintain some sort of a balanced society.   – Dehypnotize

5 responses to “Michelle Obama’s (DNC) Speech

  1. I just have to have to disagree with your last statement.

    The two men are not different sifes of the same coin, they are different coins,

    • Hey ninure, I can accept your position. I only tried to show that they are both Emotionals. One could be a coin and the other could be a bath towel for all I care. They will make decisions in more or less the same way…analytically.


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