A Man in the streets and a Beast in the sheets…

After posting “A woman in the streets…” I was reminded that all women are not bashful in the sheets, sometimes it’s the man that could use a bit more aggression.

This still goes back to the Physical and Emotional.  If your man is not the one who makes the move first, he’s most likely an Emotional sexual.  Emotional sexuals are typically better at responding than  initiating.  This male is more of the office worker/ analytical thinker, the straight-laced good guy.  He lives inside his mind and has  to be provoked before showing aggression.

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Well Mr. “Keep it all together”, this approach works in the business world but it’s extremely out-of-place in the bedroom… unless that’s what your mate likes.  Sex is a physical act with many beneficial side effects.  This is a time to release all of the mental stress you’ve been holding on to for negative reasons.  Go ahead, wrestle, pull some hair, smack some booty… you should probably ask what she likes before hand; just in case she keeps a gun under the pillow.

You’re most likely with a Physical sexual woman who responds very well to physical stimulation.  She’s attracted to the Physical Male for this reason.  You’re probably thinking “Well she’s bossy about everything else, why not in this area?”  Because she wants to feel wanted… by you!  You making the moves on her will ignite the passion that you lying there waiting for.  The Physical male has no problem complimenting any female and he’s probably complimenting yours.  Then you have the nerve to get mad when she likes it.  No one should give your woman more compliments than you, especially if you live together!

The Physical Male doesn’t have this problem; his issue is announcing to the world  how good he is at sex (according to him) and how frequently he has it.  He’s proud of his sexual accomplishments and will at times express these accomplishments to cover up for other areas where he may feel inadequate.  He’s going to tell anyone who’ll listen about the latest score and will most times have the pictures to prove it.  Women see this behavior as less than Manly… more like gossiping.  It’s not that she wouldn’t tell her friends, but isn’t it better to have someone brag about you than it is for you to brag about yourself?  Yes, it is.

So, the Emotional sexual could learn to be more of a “Beast” in the sheets and the Physical sexual could to learn to be more of a “Man” in the streets.  No one is born with it all, so we have to work on the side where we’re lacking.  Ask any woman what she’s looking for in a man and she’ll say in her own words “balance”… go ahead… ask some.

– Dehypnotize


7 responses to “A Man in the streets and a Beast in the sheets…

  1. Pulling hair and smacking booty isn’t really what all physical women want in the sheets. But you’re right, balance is highly attractive, and I think that’s why relationships fail sometimes because there is no balance. Be a beast in the sheets. It’s sex! It’s supposed to be a good thing. It’s supposed to feel good. Get naked and let loose! Lol, and I’m a virgin.

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