2012 Vice Presidential Debate – Biden vs. Ryan

As expected, the Vice Presidential debate carried a bit more fire works than the presidential debate.  Again, I’m not really concerned about the content of what was said but the behavior on display.  This debate was all over the place. Why? It’s very simple, Physicals make for better television.  Their reactive natures seldom leave room for boredom.  The Vice President seemed to be more of the Physical in this duel.

The next presidential debate will no doubt be watch by even more viewers than the first.  This time you’ll probably see a more aggressive president and an even more aggressive governor.  However, the president risks coming across as un-natural or unrealistic because aggression is not his personality.  If he doesn’t come across more aggressively he’ll be seen as losing the next one as well.  So as the nation prepares to choose its next president based on how the candidate made them feel, I wonder how long that feeling will last this time.

Although many surveys conclude that most people disapprove of negative ads; candidates use them without hesitation.  They must be surveying the wrong people or… people actually like negative ads… at least about the opponent.  Do you think they would keep using them if they weren’t effective?

If you ever should wonder why I continue to write from a Physical/ Emotional position, it’s because every part of our lives are affected by this concept. We’re not of our own minds. We respond to what is suggested to us and we think that it comes from our own decision-making.  SUGGESTIBILITY – it is the most dangerous unknown.

– Dehypnotize


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