Final 2012 Presidential Debate

Well, I’m not sure who that was that showed up for the president in the first debate but, I’m sure his team is over joyed that he didn’t show back up.  Most give the first debate to Romney.

The second debate offered a more physical or aggressive president where Romney seemed to become more physical than he was in the first debate also.  Most gave this one to the president.

This last debate was probably one-sided due to the amount of experience the president brought to the table.  This came across more as confidence and control as opposed to the arrogance that can sometimes be on display in these events.  Romney was obviously not as versed in foreign affairs as the president however, he didn’t completely bomb in his responses.  I’m not sure who will be named the winner in this one but I’m sure both sides will take credit for the win.

Now that we’ve experienced the first term of an African-American president, I think the focus will now ease back into the issues at hand.  I’ve tried to focus on the behavior of the candidates as opposed to their politics because we all know that politicians are less than forthcoming yet we follow their words like religious text and then we get angry when they don’t or can’t follow through.  This simply means that we go for the candidate that makes us feel they’re most like us.  At the end of the day, where did who or how we are come from?  It came from those that suggested it to us and that’s what we have excepted as being us.

Whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent; black, white or brown, the soul of a nation is determined by the will of its people and ultimately decides the course of its own future.

Don’t forget to vote!!

– Dehypnotize

3 responses to “Final 2012 Presidential Debate

  1. Actually, you can’t win a debate with lies. In my humble opinion the President won the first debate just as he won the next two. Whether he was fired up or not, he was on point. That the talking heads failed to understand the rules of engagement and simply focused on who talked the loudest is unfortunate.

    • Hey Valentine, lol… I try to be as unbiased as I possibly can when posting about this election to draw attention to the fact that we are influenced far too easily by personality. We’re suckers for what things look like as opposed to how they really are. Thank you kindly for your comment.

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