Kandi Koated Nights (Sex Toys by Atlanta Housewives’ Kandi Burruss)

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Kandi koated nights
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With the new millennium came a new attitude towards sex.  It’s actually not new at all, openness in sexuality has been around for centuries.  Religious teachings about sex merely ran sexual behavior underground.  This has caused deviance, passive aggression, shameful and all sorts of confused behavior in our societies.

The conversation of sexual satisfaction is rarely addressed in long term relationships.  One partner may feel inadequate when given suggestions on how to please the other.  In most cases someone ends up unsatisfied, fakes it or ends up cheating.  This is all due to the inability to communicate our most intimate feelings about our most intimate moments.

Kandi Burruss of Xscape and Reality TV show Atlanta Housewives has launched Bedroom Kandi an adult toys store and Kandi Koated Nights, an accompanying talk show to address open communication in the bedroom.  I commend her for her professional approach to such a taboo subject.  She’s an Emotional Suggestible/ Physical Sexual by the way; a lady in the streets and …

It’s ok to want sex to feel good and it’s ok to communicate to your partner when it doesn’t.  So, how do you tell your partner that things could be better without hurting their feelings?  Speak their language!  Are they Physical or Emotional?  Are they visual or kinesthetic?  These things matter because one partner will be into fantasy while the other could be more into physical stimulation.  Why not communicate about what you like in their language and allow them to do the same for the purpose of both people achieving satisfactory results.

The common misconception about sex is that everyone likes to do it the same way.  With just a little patience, you might find a whole new world to explore with each other if you’d only begin to have those forbidden conversations.  Sex in your relationship is not evil or shameful or bad, irresponsible sex is. 

Take time and get to know what the other person’s likes or dislike may be or get into each other before getting into each other. Everything that we experience is realized through the mind so why not start there and finish with the body?

In the end, our lives are ultimately what we make of them and we only have a short time to realize the benefits of making them what we truly wanted.  So, what are you waiting for?

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– Dehypnotize

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34 responses to “Kandi Koated Nights (Sex Toys by Atlanta Housewives’ Kandi Burruss)

  1. My partner is not bless in that area and he kind of knows how to use his tool, but he’s not emotional connected like I am. What should I do? I have step out once because he can not make me cum. I’m a touching feeling kissing person, kissing and sucking on my breast turns my on and makes me very hot. How can I help him help me?

    • Hey Tyquincia, thanks for dropping by. There is no magic pill or cure all for every situation, however yours is a common one. You seem to be a “Physical Sexual” someone who responds to physical touch. Your partner may be the opposite, responds to mental stimulation which I’d bet that he feels you don’t provide for him. I can’t go into all of the details in a couple of paragraphs, but in short, your answer is open communication. You need to let him know how you truly feel about this and try to get him to communicate openly as well. You’re probably the better communicator of the two so that means you have to take the lead. Check out “A man in the streets and a beast in the sheets” also “A woman in the streets and a freak in the sheets” posts on my blog. They may give you a little more insight. Thanks again for dropping by.

    • Let me! Iove foreplay, that’s what gets women “smoke n !” Hot deep tongue kissing, fingering the clitoris between 2 fingers,kissing the women neck/ earlobe s , sucking the Brest nipples( paying extra attention to the nipples “tongue in the nipples!”, and playing with her ass! I can go on but u get the gist of what saying and conveying !

  2. I would like some info how to become a KandiKoated Representive…I live in Columbus Ohio…and I’m a hairstylist tryin to offer client something more than just shop talk..I want them to take something more to help them in the bedroom..not just outside the bedroom..thank you in advance.

    • Hi Nicole,
      Thank you for dropping by. If you’d simply like to rep Kandi’s products, just go to http://www.bedroomkandi.com and there’s a link to do so there. If you’re looking to buy wholesale and sale retail Kandi’s products AND (over 100,000 products and media), you can buy direct from http://www.vibeessentials.com. The site offers products @ up to 50% below current retail value (Kandi’s products excluded)

      Thanks again for dropping by and great idea!

  3. I feel the sameway you get tired of the samething over and over again. After a period of time in your relationship you need a change. I feel Ms. Burruss put a very tasteful website together.

  4. Hi kandi love u watch u every sunday how do i listen to your show i live miami. But can u give me a lil input i am a fullfigur lady love my dude But kind of shy a lil we make good love But i dnt like to ride and want me too

    • Hi Kendra, thank you for dropping by. First, I’m not Kandi, we simply represent her products. I am however a licensed therapist so here’s my 2 cents.
      Your situation is very common, nothing to worry about. Your man finds you sexy and wants to explore your sexiness with you. He may be more open sexually than you are and this is actually why you chose him believe it or not.
      Openess in the bedroom leads to more openess in everyday communication. So I’d suggest letting go with your partner and see wht happens. You discover the side of you tha has been dying to get out!
      Hope this helps…

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    • Hi Ola
      Thanks for checking in. Most adult novelty companies require a set amount to get started, normally around $500.00. Just go to http://WWW.vibeessentials.com to find over 100,000 wholesale products and purchase the amount that you’re comfortable starting out with. You are your own company with your own rules. I hope this helped, thanks again for dropping by.
      T. Scott

    • hello most companies recommend that you spend at least 500 dollars to start . we recommend that you spend whatever you’re comfortable spending . just choose a variety of product for a variety of clients .

      thanks for dropping by

  6. Hi
    Big fan
    Question there are parts off that my hubby can see all the time that I want make sure it looks nice
    Any products that can be safely used on the perineum that will keep it visually prettier
    Note he is not complaining but I would like to make it better

    • hi Traci,
      Just go to http://www.vibeessentials.com . most reps start off with a 500 dollar start up . Choose a variety of products for a variety of clients. be sure to get a business license . our products are up to 50 percent off. just add sales tax and your own mark up and you’re in business .
      thanks for dropping by and for your interest in selling our products!!

  7. Dear Kandi
    I have an amazing idea for your sex toy’s product line…well I have several that I know will become top sellers…please get in touch with me via email…and Lets talk…you will not regret it…albrightstephanie.sa@gmail.com…this will make a great profit for you and me…seriously $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. How can I get my man more into me or know if he is cheating or thinking of another female we went from having sex 3/4 Times a day wats wrong with him to once a day or maybe not at all but he is with me allday long I don’t think he is cheating but wat do I do to get that bck???

    • Hello Ms Martin. It sounds like you may be the physical sexual and your man the emotional sexual. This means that you’ll ultimately want it more than he will.
      Emotional in this Case means the quiet type and the physical is more out going.

      Once the newness of the relationship wears off both parties tend to revert back to their normal behavior.

      Checkout the post on this blog, Do men have cycles. It goes into more detail about the subject.

      The good news is that he’s probably not cheating, the bad news is, the 3-4 times a day may be over. It doesn’t mean he’s not into you, just that he may not be able to keep up with you in this area…. Maybe.

      I hope this helps and thanks for writing!

  9. Im looking into starting up an adult store and later a members only adult club. I been reading alot on both but da problem. Is im n a small area Florence Al. And we have to drive an hour away jst to get to one. I jst want so inside info to send me n da right direction. Bc da work field is a mess so I got to be able.to support my kids plus its something I alwsys wanted to do. Plz help with a lil direction

    • Hey Latasha,
      Thanks for dropping by. the best way to get started is just a little at a time or whatever your budget allows. the key is buy low sell high. Go to http://WWW.vibeessentials.com and buy the products at wholesale then sell them at retail prices .

      this way you’re your own boss you can buy only the products that you need and sell them at your own cost.

      finally no business will be successful without a proper plan. Do the research on your area and make sure you operate within the laws of your state. determine who your clients are, sell products that they would buy collect your profits … Rinse and repeat..lol. I hope this helped.

      Thanks again for dropping by!

  10. Hey t, thanks for dropping by…the site provides products at up to 50% off suggested retail prices. For someone selling at retail pricing, this is wholesale. Just a little more research on the site will get you to the pricing you’re looking for. Thanks again!

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