Logically Emotional

One doesn’t have to become a nueroscientist to understand that there are two sides of the brain and we tend to lean more to one side than the other.  What we typically fail to realize however, is how important learning the other side really is.  Take a look at the chart below:


Photo Credit: http://www.ucmas.ca


Which side best describes you most of the time?  Are you equally represented on both sides?  Which characteristics are presented that you don’t have but would like to?  Let’s take a look at how the our suggestibility and sexuality are represented in this chart.  Suggestibility being how we learn and Sexuality being how we act.

The Right brain or Physical behavior typically lives life from the present into the future whereas the Left brain lives from the future back to the present.  Meaning that the physical lives more for the moment and whatever happens, happens (feelings).  The Emotional makes present decisions based on what they perceive the future results will  be (analytical).  We call this the devil and the angel on our shoulder, one side is saying “Do it! Do it!”  While the other side is saying, ” think….about…ittttt.”  This means that we all have both sides, we simply suppress the subdominant side.  When we meet someone who is our opposite, we’re subconsciously aware of and a lot of times attracted to this behavior; only to become an enemy of it later.

Our opposites represent the physical manifestation of the other side of our brains.  This is what causes most of the troubles in relationships as it relates to communicating; which side is more dominant?  If one person feels that they’re not getting their fair amount of representation, they’ll begin to become more exaggerated in their behavior.  The emotional will become more distant and the physical will become more excited.  Bom …Bom…Bommm…and the fighting begins.

The riddle here is for each side to learn the other for your own development.  There are four parts to the equation, physical/emotional suggestible – physical/emotional sexual.  This means that there are two ways that we see and do things (physical or sexuality) and two ways that we hear and interpret things (emotional or suggestibility).  Ironically, we have two eyes, two ears, two sides to the testicles and the ovaries…all physical manifestations.  I’m beginning to think that there’s something behind this opposites thing.

I guess it all comes back down to learning who and what you are, the good and the bad if you want to call it that. Once we obtain that balance within ourselves, it becomes easier to recognize and or build it in someone else.  Alternating current or direct current mean nothing seperately, it’s not until they come together in a balanced equation do they make electricity or give power.

Our successes or failures come from the suggestions that have been placed in front of us along the way and how we’ve responded to them.  If you look closely at the brain it kind of looks like a maze;  it’s like we spend the majority of our lives trying to find a way out of it never realizing that the only way out is through.


– Dehypnotize

8 responses to “Logically Emotional

  1. Do you know about the corpus coliseum? If not it is a band of thick nerve endings that join together the left and right hemispheres. Some patience’s that suffer from seizures have that severed (pretty sure it eliminates the seizures entirely), anyway both hemispheres work separately when that happens the right eye controlled by the left brain and vise versa work independently, so my question is what if someone is blind in one eye? It would truly be unfortunate if someone was blind in the left hemisphere (controls most language) then one could never communicate what they had seen.
    Though that has little to do with your post, but I have been wondering it for days and this seemed like the best place to put it.

    • Hey Sonya,
      Thanks for stopping by, the brain is an incredibly unique organism. I am not even close to being a brain specialist, however I do know that anytime one of our senses is comprimised, the brain finds a way to compensate for this abnormality. So, in the case where let’s say the visual cortex is damaged the brain may compensate by raising the ability to see what is heard or felt. Either way the brain will continue to amaze us with all of it’s mysteries. Thanks again for reading.

  2. I love this! Thank you for sharing. Too often I see people use their right/left brainedness (I just made that up) as an excuse for how they are. I love that you counter that excuse by arguing for knowledge and balance. If we know what side of the brain we are most inclined towards, we can work on balancing ourselves and improving our weaknesses. That being said, I look at this chart and I’d like to think I’ve done a pretty damn good job at balancing myself over the years, but I still see the areas I need to work on, so this is a great tool to use for self-evaluation. Thank you, again!

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