How to Dehypnotize

Can you be hypnotized?

Most people would reject the notion that  they’re capable of being hypnotized… because they don’t believe in such foolishness.  Being hypnotized is for weak-minded people they say.

I’m not really mad at them for thinking this way since it’s only due to misinformation about this topic.  If you’ve ever watched television, speak a language, learned thewords to a song, if you’ve ever read a book etc. you’ve been hypnotized.  Hypnosis is simply being open to suggestions while in a relaxed, hyper – state of awareness.  Think about when your favorite song is on, you tune everything out around you and you’re focused on every word the artist says.  The more you hear it, the more words you remember, but more importantly, you’re connecting with how it makes you feel.



Physical and Emotional

I’ve written a bit about the Physical and the Emotional behaviors because your personality determines what you’re most suggestible to.  Physicals are more suggestible to tangible things or objects, Emotionals are more suggestible to words or intellectual stimulation.  This is why one person remembers the scene in a movie and the other remembers the dialogue.

Once you’ve determined what your suggestibility is, you may then begin to suggest to yourself only the things that fit your life’s goal.  You’ll become aware of things that  are being suggested to you, but now you’ll be able to decide what to accept and what not to accept.  By the way, every conversation is a battle of suggestions.  The language that we use in conversation is based on our own suggestibility.  If you’d like to be more efficient when communicating, use the other person’s suggestibility while communicating with them.

What does this have to do with dehypnotizing?

To dehypnotize means to become aware.  Aware of how you take things and how you act on what you’ve interpreted to be reality.  Why do you dress conservatively, or why are you a flashy dresser?  Why are you so passionate or why are you seen as emotionless.  These are all results of your suggestibility and how you’ve responded.

When you can zero yourself out (as I like to call it) meaning no people, no suggestions, no interruptions, no thoughts, you can begin the process of dehypnotizing yourself.  Once you’re at zero, now  input what  you’d like for yourself into your subconscious mind and it becomes reality, just like learning the words to that song.

Reality becomes different once you see the world from the inside out, or by cause and effect.



– Note – If you’ve hypnotized someone literally and you can’t seem to  ‘un’hypnotize them,  contact a professional who should ‘re’hypnotize them to bring them out of the hypnotic state.


8 responses to “How to Dehypnotize

  1. I love this! I recently made a post about how what a person believes can quite litteraly shape the world around them through their own perceptions. This very much so seems like it falls in line with that.

    Thank you!

  2. Hello- great blog. I’m very interested in music and suggestibility. Have you read this book? I found it enlightening.

    The Music Effect: Music Physiology and Clinical Applications [Paperback]
    Daniel J. Schneck (Author), Dorita S. Berger (Author)

    If what they say is true, then music is useful for manipulating decision-making. Maybe the cognitive processes involved are similar to hypnosis.

    • Hey Anolen, thanks for dropping by. Yes music and television are the most effective tools of hypnosis used today. You should also checkout The Science of Sound. Life becomes so much more interesting when you see it for what it truly is.

  3. I really like your term, ‘to zero out’. It describes the state I try to achieve when I’m meditating. It could also be used to describe part of a model I’m working on. Permission to use it?

    When I ‘zero out’, it is usually before I engage in deeper thinking or study. I try to not let ‘suggestions’ I have heard throughout my day color what I thinking about or learning.

    Great blog. I look forward to reading more.

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