Stars vs. Black Holes (Which one are you?)


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The next time you’re out on a clear night; take a look up at the stars. If you live in a rural area you know more of what the true night sky looks like than someone who lives in the city. The true night sky is amazing, almost scary when you know what you’re looking at. The ancients ordered their lives around the stars and we continue a lot of those same practices today.
I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of opposites so stars and black holes seemed to be a good analogy for the Physical (Extrovert) and Emotional (Introvert) behavior. Let’s look at some of the characteristics of both ideas.


Star/ Physicalfurturityorg
Shines brightly/ Likes attention
Very warm and comforting/ Like to give physical attention
Emits energy/The giver or talker not good with receiving i.e. listening
Can burn you if you get too close/ Passion can be perceived as tempers or anger
Imposes its energy on everyone/ Life of the party, knows and talks to everyone

Black hole/ Emotional
Cold dark and mysterious/ Shy ‘Emo’ type likes to wear dark colors
Draws others to them/ don’t like initiating conversation, likes for the moves to be made on them
Lives off of the energy of stars/ Likes the spontaneity of the Physical, another Emotional would bore them
Blends in to the surroundings/ doesn’t like attention, dresses very conservatively
Can never truly see what’s going on inside of them/ internalizes their feelings, considered to be deep

If you subscribe to the idea that we’re made up of the same thing as the entire universe then this actually makes a little more sense. We are simply opposing elements wrapped in a human form. Opposites have been described in too many ways to count but here are a few: Good/Evil, Cain/Abel, Horus/Set, Republican/ Democrat, Black/ White, Rich/ Poor, Christian/ Muslim, science/ religion and on and on.

It’s like marriage, the more time you spend stating and defending your way or side of doing things, the longer it’s going to take to realize your own potential. You’re supposed to be with your opposite personality to develop the other side of yourself. This creates balance and synergy and more importantly opens a new realm of possibilities in your life. How much time do we spend arguing and fighting about which side is right or wrong? I can think of so many more productive ways to spend our time and I’m sure you can as well.

The irony of this is that we all embody both sides. It’s unfortunate that we limit ourselves to one side and neglect the other due to the lack of understanding it. Our true potential as mankind can never be realized until our true potential as individuals is discovered.

I have a little secret to tell you… there is no right or wrong in this matrix, only deficiencies in the way we communicate our emotions to others.


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