Racist Mountain Dew Ad Pulled (Tyler the Creator)

5pgg6y_2x2I feel like I’m taking a step backwards to even write about this topic, but since there are still so many caught in this matrix of ignorance, I’ll take a moment to indulge.

First, if you are in any way basing your opinions, thoughts or actions on the color of a person’s skin this post will make absolutely no sense to you.  However, if you’ve evolved past the 18th century you may find some valuable information here.

Let’s consider for a brief second that Pepsi is aware of this so-called racial tension that may or may not exist in all societies.  Let’s pretend that everything that they do is based on how to increase profits.  The way to get more people at least talking about your company is to become more visible.  Hmmm… I know, let’s create a ‘racists’ commercial and cause controversy and get people talking about us….  (enter Tyler the Creator, hip hop representative. How many have heard of him before now?) Well, well, well looks like someone is in tune with 95% of the ignorance in these ‘civilized’ societies.  Please people remain as ignorant as you possibly can.  Please continue to allow companies to profit from your lack of intelligence, because I’ve invested into these companies.

I’d even invest into a company that promoted the KKK or Hitler or any other divisive character, because people in our animalistic behavior only respond to emotional stimulation.  Love, hate, happiness, anger, pain; look at the commercials on TV, they all have to do with our emotions. Race is just the lowest form of emotional stimulation so it makes it easy to capitalize from the fallout that it causes.

There are entire corporations, talk shows, news organizations based on this very concept.  Hate obviously makes money.  So, I’m not saying to become a hater, I’m saying recognize the plight of those that are and profit from it.  Another option would be to just continue doing things that way we always have and get the same results we always have.

The bottom line is that people are ignorant and no amount of protests, singing or marching is going to change that.  Accept that this is how life is and benefit from it… this is obviously just my opinion.

T. Scott




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