Welcome to Dehypnotize.  I hope to inspire as I have been inspired, to approach life in a completely new way.  Since we value our beliefs more than we value life,  it maybe wise to evaluate those beliefs.

This blog addresses relationship challenges, communication skills developement, stress relief practices and much more.  If you choose to continue on, please do so with an open mind and heart. You will discover that we’ve all been hypnotized as a  result of what has been suggested to us.

To Dehypnotize simple means to become aware and awareness is the first step to control; mentally and physically.

T Scott   C. Ht

Questions? Email me:  dehypnotizewp@yahoo.com


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  1. Hi Troy,

    Your “I Got Caught on FB” is coming up Page Not Found, when I try to comment! Technical difficulties. Anyway, your story had a great message at the end, and you’re right, if only we would…
    I’m glad the ending was a positive one for you! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey cousin (lol), Thanks for stopping by, I was a little bashful about that one so I took it down. After a little encouragement I’ve decided to repost it. Thanks for your comments as well. Troy Scott

  2. Thank you for following my blog and for pushing the like button on a few of my posts! Your blog is interesting. Is there a post where you explain the type of counseling you do? Are there two modalities – physical and emotional? Very interesting,

    • Kary, thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it. I counsel in the areas of communication and relationship enhancement, NLP, hypnotherapy, handwriting analysis and most importantly…common sense…ha Thanks again for stopping by and I enjoy your work as well.
      There are actually five modalities that coincide with our senses

      The physical and emotional are the two behavior types.

      • Hmmmmmm, so you’re like a shrink? I don’t like shrinks! I don’t like people who think or behave like they know all the solutions,its even worse if its their profession! People think I think I know it all,I only wish they knew how I hunger for knowledge!………But I’m warming up to your blog,I’ve never been this long in any1’s blog! I think I’m gonna like you! :D……..Now following your blog btw! Tnx 4 following mine!

  3. Heya!
    Thanks for liking “little girl”. Read through some of your posts. Getting caught on FB give me an idea to blog about my recent experiences on POF (Plenty of Fish), so stay tuned!

  4. hi – you have some good wisdom here and I love your honesty… I will try to swing by often… thank you for ‘visiting’ my blog recently… here’s to relationships and healing and finding a calm center in the midst of the storm.

  5. Hi there! 🙂
    Just wanted to drop by and say I have read some of your posts which have been helpful to view things in a different perspective. From where does the physical/emotional concept come from? It is something a bit new to me and a subject that I would like to delve a bit more into.
    You probably have some knowledge of it but maybe Transactional Analysis would be a subject you would be interested in knowing about. Just a recommendation in case it interests you (if you haven’t come across it already).
    Looking forward to future posts. 🙂

  6. Hi Troy,
    Thanks for connecting with Shadows of Love. You’ve been a busy little bee yourself here at your blog. I’ll have to dive in and see what’s going on.

  7. Wanted to let you know that I truly needed your blogs on Physical and Emotional Father. Afterwards I had to insert Mother to have another understanding for myself. Thank you. I enjoy your thoughts very much. Thanks also for liking my blog.

  8. That’s the thing … we are not left vs right … man vs woman … Jew vs Christian but people with loves, hurts, desires … I think life is far richer if we stop and see the person before us, rather than the label … see beyond the facade into who the individual was created be … and then treat them with honour … and in doing so we may be in same way instrumental in them stepping into all they can be …

  9. Joining in yiour journey to a stress free (at leat free from unwanted stress 🙂 ) life. Looking forward for your posts.

  10. Thank you for liking my posts and following my blog Diary of an art student T! You may be interested in my other blog as well: Move Toward Freedom 🙂
    Wishing you Love & Light, Peace & Harmony, All Ways, Always 🙂

  11. This is one of the best blog ideas/about descriptions I’ve seen on WordPress — I’ve been wondering for a while now if our constant labeling and insistence on designating between opposing sides (especially all the ones you mention) is the primary thing holding us back socially, politically, and personally… Great work!

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  13. Ah yes! I must agree that many of us have been “hypnotized” and it’s exciting to see that others are opening their minds and waking up. And awareness is the first step in making change and taking our control back. Thanks for much for liking my post and for the follow! I’m returning the favor, you discuss a wide range of interesting topics! 🙂 Cheers!

  14. Hey there, just to thank you for the follow and wish you a wonderful weekend! I read a few of your posts and I love the way you write! I’ll be back! 🙂

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