London Woolwich Attack (Belief Strikes Again)

As horrific and unimaginable as this is, it is not uncommon in too many places globally… different methods in some cases but still the same outcome. It’s only shocking to those that are not aware that it happens. This hit a little closer to home for some and I believe that we’ll see more attacks like this in the future.

Why? Belief systems. Unfortunately, the answer to the worlds problems lie within those unable to see them…us.


Jody Arias – Psych Ward (handwriting analysis)

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Last night ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET Ryan Burns told us about the letter Jodi Arias sent him from jail.  Here’s a sample of that letter:

I’ve heard a number of psychologists diagnose Ms. Arias with borderline personality and a few other clinical conditionsAfter seeing this letter, I came up with my own diagnosis.

First, pay attention to unnaturally neat this letter is – a sign of neurosis and calculation.

Next the letters lean left and right – a sign of teetering between Physical and Emotional behavior.

The writing size is small but her loops are large – this indicates Emotional Sexuality/ Physical Suggestibility.

The y’s are loop-less and dip down into the line below them – Emotional Sexual and confusion about her sexual behavior.

The large margin on the left and small margin to the right – indicate an individual who makes space for themselves and gives little room to others (self centered).

The overall writing size seems to be small – another Emotional indicator.

The letters in each word are all close together – indicating that she keeps her true feelings close to herself.

*note – Physical = Extrovert/Emotional =  Introvert

I didn’t see any lines on the paper but if there are that makes the neatness standout even more so.  Compare the first sample with the second.  In the first one you can see a little of her emotions and disorganization.  This would be closer to who she really is than the second one which seems to be carefully thought out and written.  Her writing actually looks like she does literally, unemotional and unaffected.  She appears to be intelligent, she seems to really calculate what  she says well before she says it… this is a planner.  I didn’t spend much time focusing on the content of the letter because it really doesn’t matter.  All that a person thinks shows up in unconscious ways.

Now that we’ve identified our writer as an extreme Emotional Sexual/Physical Suggestible, what the heck does that mean?  That means you’re dealing with a person that will take things the wrong way mostly, internalize how they feel about and will over-react to what they’ve taken wrong.  The Emotional aspect of the behavior will cause an individual to constantly internalize their feelings only to completely explode later.  It really doesn’t matter the label that we give this behavior, it’s more important to be able to identify it before it’s too late.

I’m constantly debated on the idea that you can’t put people into two categories and I’m here to tell you that you can.  There are differing levels of these two behaviors in us all, however we tend to lean to one side more than the other.  When a person’ s levels are about the same on each side (without knowing how to keep up this balance) it’s called the “borderline behavior” syndrome

In the end, everyone of us has the capacity to do the unthinkable; our better judgment simply helps to keep us out of most trouble.  The message here is to learn yourself, learn your behavior and how you respond to stress, because stress is the financier of every news organization worldwide.


– Dehypnotize

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Racist Mountain Dew Ad Pulled (Tyler the Creator)

5pgg6y_2x2I feel like I’m taking a step backwards to even write about this topic, but since there are still so many caught in this matrix of ignorance, I’ll take a moment to indulge.

First, if you are in any way basing your opinions, thoughts or actions on the color of a person’s skin this post will make absolutely no sense to you.  However, if you’ve evolved past the 18th century you may find some valuable information here.

Let’s consider for a brief second that Pepsi is aware of this so-called racial tension that may or may not exist in all societies.  Let’s pretend that everything that they do is based on how to increase profits.  The way to get more people at least talking about your company is to become more visible.  Hmmm… I know, let’s create a ‘racists’ commercial and cause controversy and get people talking about us….  (enter Tyler the Creator, hip hop representative. How many have heard of him before now?) Well, well, well looks like someone is in tune with 95% of the ignorance in these ‘civilized’ societies.  Please people remain as ignorant as you possibly can.  Please continue to allow companies to profit from your lack of intelligence, because I’ve invested into these companies.

I’d even invest into a company that promoted the KKK or Hitler or any other divisive character, because people in our animalistic behavior only respond to emotional stimulation.  Love, hate, happiness, anger, pain; look at the commercials on TV, they all have to do with our emotions. Race is just the lowest form of emotional stimulation so it makes it easy to capitalize from the fallout that it causes.

There are entire corporations, talk shows, news organizations based on this very concept.  Hate obviously makes money.  So, I’m not saying to become a hater, I’m saying recognize the plight of those that are and profit from it.  Another option would be to just continue doing things that way we always have and get the same results we always have.

The bottom line is that people are ignorant and no amount of protests, singing or marching is going to change that.  Accept that this is how life is and benefit from it… this is obviously just my opinion.

T. Scott




Stay Prayed Up (Kandi Burruss – Marvin Sapp)


Looks like the critics were wrong about this one…too. Kandi Burruss and Marvin Sapp’s Stay Prayed Up made it to #1 on itunes Gospel charts. Hold up, the queen of reality tv sex toys has the #1 gospel song? That just can’t be!

Well obviously it can be and it is. People are so busy and quick to judge others that they don’t have time to see the error in their own ways. Most of those talking are the ones at the club Sunday morning rushing home to get a couple hours of sleep before showing up to sing in the choir in the first service.  Kandi in my opinion is openly displaying what so many of us do a horrible job of concealing. We all have more than one side to our personalities, it’s the denial of this fact that burdens us with so much unnecessary stress.

Who can say to Ms. Burruss that she shouldn’t make a song about what she believes? To say so would only be stating what you believe…(smh). How long must we endure the wrath of the unlearned? How long must we be subjected to the unconscious and willfull ignorance of the majority?

I read an article the other day about a woman who was arrested for selling adult toys. I thought that to be strange so I read on. Come to find out that it wasn’t because she was selling the toys, it was because she didn’t call them novelty items. It’s apparently against the law to sell adult toys and call it that in that county (this was in TX).

Throughout history man has struggled with the concept of sex; be it about homosexuality, sex before/ during marriage, masturbation etc.. It seems that we’ve put the so-called shame of sex at the forefront of our very existence and we’re baffled by the confusion that has followed. It’s not complicated at all, either become non-human or accept the whole of you that is human. Things only become taboo when you’re told not to do them…

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K.C. Chiefs Jovan Belcher kills girlfriend shoots himself


And the stories continue to come in.  I certainly hope that it’s clear how susceptible we all truly are to our own lives.  Even if it’s not you that snaps, the person you’re with could totally snap.  Would you believe that it’s due to communication deficiencies?  We are simply collections of all that’s been suggested to us and we respond accordingly… keyword respond.

Tragedies like this and so many more are avoidable if we’d only care to Dehypnotize!  We continue to use the same excuses for the same issues yet we expect different results.  Time for a shake up in the same old same…

Police aren’t yet releasing the name of the player or the girlfriend until the family has been notified. Stay tuned for updates.


UPDATE: Jovan Belcher, 25 is the player.  Read story here:–nfl.html



Another Teen Shot in FL (Jodan Davis)

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Another life has been senselessly taken far too early.  Michael Dunn has been charged with 2nd degree murder, for the shooting and killing of teen Jordan Davis, after an argument over loud music at a gas station.  Read the full story here :

As these same stories continue to play out in the media, it’s almost becoming what’s to be expected; including the backlash.  I’ve already read and heard the racial tension in this story beginning to build.  The sad part is that this type of behavior will continue to manifest in this manner until we name the true culprit… lack of emotional control.  Color matters as much as the day that this occurred on.  What do you think Mr. Dunn is thinking now?  Probably that the loud music wasn’t that serious after all.  What about the families?  All because of a moment of emotional expression that could only be said loud enough with a gunshot…or nine!

I’ll say again that many of us could find ourselves in situations where we act before thinking and end up in less than desired situations.  When we respond to provocation around us, we become susceptible to whatever that energy brings to the table; now you’re in react – react mode.  It’s all goes down hill from there.

I think what’s worse is the incline in the devaluation of life.  I think the more people who inhabit the earth, the less important life actually becomes.  So, many wars, murders, rape that you almost become numb to it.  What’s going on these days?

Is vigilantism the way of the future.  Will we become destitute hermits confined by our own ways or belief systems?  This is not the future I’d like to see for my descendants.  Just as the Egyptians, the Romans, Greeks have their place in history, one day people will write about our place on the timeline…what will be our story?

– Dehypnotize