Csanad Szegedi :When belief systems go wrong

Recently an anti Semitic politician was forced into a life changing situation when he discovered that he himself had jewish roots.  After being confronted by an ex-convict about his grandmother being a Jew, Csanad Szegedi then tried to buy the silence of his whistle blower to no avail.  He’s now began a confusing backtracking campaign to salvage what’s left of his public life in politics.

Read article here: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/anti-semitic-pol-discovered-jewish-roots-faces-tough-204141670.html

This was actually funny to me because of the irony involved.  Although this is a clear example of how our beliefs get in the way of logic, there are many not so apparent examples that we encounter daily.  This person is Catholic and this one is Protestant so they should hate each other to the level of being willing to kill for their opposing beliefs.  It’s these very beliefs that keep us married to the ignorance of those that came before us.

Here’s another example:  We’re in the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the Civil War.  Some argue that the Rebel soldiers that fought should be honored for fighting for what they believe in and others believe that the war was an ugly mark on American history and should be forgotten.

Who’s right or wrong in this situation.  Well, let me say this and as always, you should come to your own conclusions.  There was a time when it was illegal for African-Americans to learn to read… I still can’t believe that one.  So, the result of this brilliant idea is that now there are still those who can’t read and don’t feel a need to learn how.  Well that was three hundred years ago, some might say, what does that have to do with now.  I’m glad you asked.  It’s a little thing called DNA.  DNA has memory and when this memory is combined with an environment of convoluted belief systems it creates an ever-growing cycle of willful ignorance.

So, why is this an issue?  Well, an educated person has more financial opportunities than someone that is not.  It’s not the economy, it’s education stupid.  If everyone were afforded the same opportunities for quality education, there would be no need for affirmative action and welfare would be used for those who cannot physically work.  There would be more people working and bringing more revenue into communities and neighborhoods, positively affecting the society as a whole.  But now, what you see is that one segment of society is being held responsible for the welfare of another which creates more disdain and hatred.

So, in other words the very law that was created to keep ignorance alive and well worked.  Now other laws have been created to try and reverse the effects of that brilliance.  Hate is a virus and a tool of the unlearned to spread more debilitating consequences to our existence.  We, then try to solve this riddle from the middle and become frustrated by the undesired results.

The resolution to this issue is not complicated at all… change these archaic belief systems on all sides!  I know it’s ridiculous to believe this will ever happen but that doesn’t mean it’s not what should happen.  It’s not our fault that we got to this point, however it is our fault if we stay here.