Travon vs George phase ll begins

Now that George Zimmerman has been arrested, I guess we will start to see those opposed to a conviction begin to emerge. This is a rhetorical question but worthy of asking. Does anyone remember the feeling the world had on 9/11? Remember the senators were all praying and singing together on the senate floor no less? How would you say they’re getting along now?  How would you say the emotional state of the country is now about 9/11.  Let’s just say it’s a little different than it was then…. the emotions are gone.

One thing I noticed in this case is that when people come together for a common goal things happen. However, I believe the larger message in this is lost to the ‘sin’sationalism of the story. The media is only able to stay relevant as long as they are able to excite emotions. There is actually more good news to report than bad, unfortunately, good news doesn’t touch us the way that bad news does that’s why there’s so little of it reported.

So, what happens now that Mr. Zimmerman has been arrested? The bus loads of people will go back to their everyday lives with stories to tell their friends and relatives of how they are involved (all well and fine), but, how many of them will go back and rally in their own neighborhoods for better education! What about rallying for after school or community programs to keep kids in hoodies from perpetuating this negative stereo type.  Or what about a rally against racial profiling instead of sitting back joining the fray of pointing fingers at ‘the others’. 

Travon wasn’t just a victim of George Zimmerman, he was a victim of years of a society ignorant of looking inside First to solve problems. Everything that we see is only the result or display of what’s going on internally. Seriously, are there crimes committed by individuals wearing hoodies? Does racial profiling take place? Yes and yes! So, let’s stop pretending that our kid is not the bad one. Let’s address these issues from a how can ‘I’ change position as opposed to how can I change the other person/people.

Here’s a thought, changing one’s self ‘changes’ the people around them.  Let’s pray for both families and all those involved…. please

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