The Chad Johnson Evelyn Lozada – Therapy

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I’ve written about the Physical and Emotional personalities quite a bit now so it should be easy to see what happened between these two.  All together now… they were both Physicals.  So, what happened here exactly?  Well based on the part of the story that has been released I’m just going to guess. I really don’t even need the rest of the story to know what went down.

First, how close would they have to be standing to each other for him to head-butt her? Pretty close.  Physicals are notorious for getting in your face to communicate, whether they’re angry or not.  Secondly, what was the issue as stated in the reports?  He was basically cheating; another characteristic of the Physical male.  What was her response?  To get in his face and challenge him about it (a characteristic of the Physical woman.)  Believe me when I tell you that he is truly sorry for what he did.  All Physicals are.  Would he do it again… absolutely, he can’t help it.  Once a Physical’s emotional state has been triggered they can’t stop and this is the result.  They only see the error of their ways when the emotions subside.  Now here’s what will typically happen.  He’ll call her over and over explaining how sorry he truly is, she eventually start to listen.  She’ll think about how great the sex was and how charming he was and soon they’ll become ‘friends’ again and the same thing will happen all over again.  Maybe not the head-butt, but things will get Physical again. (This is just my prediction.)

When a Physical has something emotional to discuss, they’re going to do so with a great deal of ‘passion’ as they like to call it.  Well, this is ok when you’re dealing with an Emotional because the Emotional will typically back down or turn away;  Emotionals don’t like confrontation.  Two Physicals make very passionate lovers but horrible mates in a relationship because they both lead with their emotions.  In all relationships one personality has to make room for the other.  Two Emotionals don’t make for good relationship partners either.  The relationship between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston is a good example of this.  They typically end up Not talking or Not touching each other to death.

So, what did we learn from our reality tv friends?  Two people with the same personalities should not be in a relationship together, especially two Physicals.  They make great friends but too often this is mistaken for a good reason to get involved with one another… bad idea.  I wish the best for them both and hopefully they’ve learned what got them into this and won’t make the same mistake the next time.


– Dehypnotize