Another Teen Shot in FL (Jodan Davis)

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Another life has been senselessly taken far too early.  Michael Dunn has been charged with 2nd degree murder, for the shooting and killing of teen Jordan Davis, after an argument over loud music at a gas station.  Read the full story here :

As these same stories continue to play out in the media, it’s almost becoming what’s to be expected; including the backlash.  I’ve already read and heard the racial tension in this story beginning to build.  The sad part is that this type of behavior will continue to manifest in this manner until we name the true culprit… lack of emotional control.  Color matters as much as the day that this occurred on.  What do you think Mr. Dunn is thinking now?  Probably that the loud music wasn’t that serious after all.  What about the families?  All because of a moment of emotional expression that could only be said loud enough with a gunshot…or nine!

I’ll say again that many of us could find ourselves in situations where we act before thinking and end up in less than desired situations.  When we respond to provocation around us, we become susceptible to whatever that energy brings to the table; now you’re in react – react mode.  It’s all goes down hill from there.

I think what’s worse is the incline in the devaluation of life.  I think the more people who inhabit the earth, the less important life actually becomes.  So, many wars, murders, rape that you almost become numb to it.  What’s going on these days?

Is vigilantism the way of the future.  Will we become destitute hermits confined by our own ways or belief systems?  This is not the future I’d like to see for my descendants.  Just as the Egyptians, the Romans, Greeks have their place in history, one day people will write about our place on the timeline…what will be our story?

– Dehypnotize

What your handwriting says about you

Did you know that it’s possible to tell whether you’re a physical or an emotional just by looking at your handwriting?  It’s true!  Our handwriting is controlled by our ideo-motor responses which simply means that its controlled by our subconscious.  It’s like riding a bike; once you know how, you then only concern yourself with where you’re going.  With writing, you don’t think about how to write only what to.

Before you read on please find a blank sheet of line-less paper (If you read this first you’ll spoil it for yourself). Write down this phrase in cursive if you can (preferred):

My handwriting will tell me six thousand five hundred and forty-eight things about my personality.

Which way are the letters leaning? Left, right or straight up and down?

Leaning to right – Most likely physical

Leaning left – Most likely emotional

Straight up and down – most likely intellectual

  • If you find that the entire sentence has an upward slant, you’re probably really optimistic about something in your life right now.  If it’s slanting downward you’re probably not feeling so well about something.
  • If your handwriting is constantly changing, it’s because your mood is probably also constantly changing.

Most of us were taught to write from left to right and with a right leaning slant.  However when our subconscious mind is activated, it does whatever it wants.  I use the words most likely and probably a lot because no one fits perfectly into any group as one commenter reminded me.

So, emotionals are typically introverts so the left lean simulates withdrawal or a pulling away from.  Physicals are typically extroverts so their letters lean forward.  Its funny too because this is how they communicate physically as well.  The physical is always coming forward and in your face and the emotional is backing away like, “Hey, back up a little you’re too close.” Ha. There are so many more interesting things you can learn from your handwriting.  I just wanted to share with you a few.

So, the next time you’re looking at someone’s handwriting, check it out and see if you can make out which personality they are.


– Dehypnotize

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