God Is A Radio

Everything that is, vibrates on a particular frequency;  even down to the strings in particle physics, everything is vibrating.  Vibrations of course create sound that can only be detected with the proper listening apparatus.  Recently scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California were able to listen to the recorded voice of Thomas Edison.  Recording on what was to become known as the phonograph, Edison was able to speak some eighty plus years into the future, to anyone that could hear him.  Although they’d had it for some time  these scientists had to develop a 3-D optical technology that scans surfaces and then converts them into digital audio files before they were able to hear what had been recorded.

There is a sea of waves surrounding us at all times, sound waves, radio waves, microwaves and many more.  However, we can only pick up on these waves, again, with the proper device.

We come equipped with our very own receiver, amp and transmitters;  they go by, outer, middle and inner ear.  The outer ear receives vibrations, the middle ear amplifies and converts them into nerve impulses and the inner ear transmits the signal to the brain by way of electric current.  Now, we’ve all heard the saying that you are what you eat, well everything that you experience is a form of knowledge and knowledge is ‘food’ for thought.  So, what goes in is what comes out or you become what has been suggested to you.  If you’ve ever wondered why all of our music is starting to sound the same, it’s because everyone is starting to listen to the same music.

If you think about it, everything revolves around words, dialogue or Language and the Art of it.  That seems to be why (in my opinion) we have two ears and one mouth; we should do twice as much listening as we do talking.  It’s also funny that you can find the word silent in the word listen. (ha)  Listen simply means to tune into or pay attention to a particular frequency.

So, how does this make God a Radio?  Well, there is a scripture in a book I read once that says: In the beginning was the word… now I’m not sure how this relates to this place we live being called the uni(one)- verse(collection of words) but I’m guessing it’s probably relevant.  It goes on to say, “The Word was with God and the Word was God. Once you’ve put all the pieces together, you’ll see that we’re all  mobile loud speakers.  Even when you go to church, an event of you go to listen to a….’speaker’. Whatever you’re continually talking about is the station that you’re tuned into.

So, the next time someone tells you that they don’t believe in God, tell them it’s because they don’t have the proper listening device.  Instead of looking for God, you should be listening for him….

– Dehypnotize

Leave God Alone


      I recall a song that was always sang in the church my family attended when I was a little boy.  The song was called “Jesus Will Work It Out”.  Whenever someone would sing that song, the church would go nuts.  As the singer continued onto the chorus, “Even got a light bill due, even got a gas bill too, I turned it over to the lord and he worked it out…”

     Now, as with earlier posts, my goal is to get us to become more responsible for ourselves and our own actions.  It seems that our reactive mind-sets have allowed for sub-par performances in our lives far too long.  Too many of us depend on God for the wrong things.  God didn’t cause you to lose your temper at work and curse your boss and get fired.  Now you want him to help you pay your light bill…And your gas bill too? 

     We go to God for aches and pains, this and that when he already gave you the power to fix these things yourself!  Yes, even your temper.  However, we’ve been conditioned to sit back and allow things to be given to us, paid for us and so on.  Imagine if you were giving to yourself as much as you expect others to give to you. 

     Now why should we leave God alone with all of this non-sense?  Because when you actually get the concept of what God is, you’ll see how much of an untapped resource you’ve been sitting on.  You see, God as I know it to be, cannot even be classified as a him.  That’s a human personification of something that we don’t understand.  There are other dimensions of life right here on earth that we could explore if we weren’t focused on going to the club tonight.  Then you’re praying to God again because you went home drunk with someone and you don’t remember what happened!  And the cycle continues.

        I hear all the time now from anyone I discuss this matter with, “well I’m not religious, I’m spiritual”.  I just continue the conversation because I know what they mean but I don’t know if they know a lot of the time what they mean.  For example, one definition of religious is: a member of an order or congregation living by such a rule.  Now most of these individuals are devout church members and do all that they can to live by the ‘rule’ of their ‘religion’.  So, how are they not religious?  The next thing I’d ask would be, “What’s the difference between right or wrong and good or bad?  Why is it that I can do good all of my life and still go to hell and someone else can do bad their entire life and go to heaven(as long as they repent)?  How does spirituality help answer this question?”  This normally changes the direction of the conversation.  Anger typically follows and an argument ensues. 

     Now let’s go back for a second to ‘suggestibility’.  What we believe in has been suggested to us from birth.  Even if you’ve gone the opposite direction than you were taught, you’re going that way to spite what was suggested to you.  Which brings us to our belief systems.  I dare you to speak on a topic that is contrary to someone’s belief system about anything and discover the voracity in which the person defends it.  This again is the power of suggestibility.  “This is what I believe, and no one can tell me differently!”

     Well I am here to tell you differently.  We are capable of so much more than we even realize.  We’ve been mentally institutionalize to believe that this is all that Life has to offer.  We live, we die, we go to heaven or hell and live eternity there.  Well I’ll be honest, I don’t know what happens after we die, I haven’t spoken to anyone who died and came back to tell me what happens either.  What I do know is what’s going on right now while I’m alive and what I can do about it.  If we weren’t meant to be in control of our own lives then why on earth are we here?


T Scott