Your Handwriting Explained (further)

Photo Credit: Charles Elliot’s handwriting to Clara Elliot

In earlier posts, I’ve given a few examples of how our handwriting shows a lot about our personalities.  In this post I’ll get more into the letters.  For example:

Write this sentence in cursive if possible.  Sam’s flem flam flemming in a serious  situation will likely cause more issues.

Ok, take a look at your upper loops in your f’s and l’s.  Is the loop wide or thin?  A wide loop suggests that you’re ‘open’ to the opinions or suggestions of others.  A closed loop suggests the opposite.  If you’ve ever tried to convince someone of something and no matter how hard you tried they just wouldn’t go for it, this person probably has very narrow loops if any at all.  On the other hand the person that seems to go whichever way the wind blows probably has almost circular loops.

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Next, take a look at your m’s and n’s.  Are they wide, narrow, or medium-sized?  Wide m’s or n’s typically show the Physical personality (extrovert).  Narrow m’s and n’s typically indicate an Emotional personality (introvert).  Medium sized m’s and n’s indicate more of a balance between the two.

Does your s look like the number eight?  This is normally an indicator of artistic qualities.  The ‘normal’ s indicates the ability to fit in or follow directions.

Lastly,  look at your lower loops in the g’s and y’s.  If your loops are big wide and connect back to the base line or the u part of the y, you are most likely a Physical.  If your loops curl near the bottom or go straight down without curving at all, you’re most likely an Emotional.

In this technological revolution the art of writing is being lost to the convenience of doing it faster. Writing is therapeutic in that it reveals our emotional states and can actually change them when directed to do so.

Take a look at your mates writing, if it’s the opposite of yours, this is normally a sign of good compatibility.  I didn’t say it means you’re supposed to be with this specific person, just that you are compatible with them.  Don’t worry if your handwriting is the same as theirs, this is only for entertainment purposes and something fun to know.

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My postings about handwriting are not to turn anyone into an overnight graphologist…rather they are to bring attention to the amount of control our subconscious minds have over our everyday lives.  Your handwriting will change over time and sometimes by the day, it’s all based on our current state.  It’s important to understand how the subconscious mind operates, to proactively live your life as opposed to reacting to it.  Too often we find ourselves in the midst of a situation asking,”How did I get here?”  and “How do I get out of this one?”

Our subconscious minds run, arguably, around 90% of our daily operations.  For example, have you ever been driving to a routine destination and once you get there you don’t remember the trip, or pass an exit while deep in thought about an issue?  You  were on auto-pilot, your subconscious was driving while you were off in wonderland.  So how do we train our subconscious to aid in making our lives better?  The same way we trained it to make our lives what they are now…repitition.  Where we operate in our lives now is a direct result of what we’ve trained our minds to accept as ‘normal’.  So, we are actually succesful in what we’ve conditioned and trained ourselves to be. So, if you’ve ever tried changing something about yourself but found that it just didn’t work, consider that 10% of your mind is fighting with the 90%…who do you think is going to win?

What does all of this have to do with handwriting?  Our handwriting is merely a manifestation of our feelings on paper.  It ultimately doesn’t matter what is written, you can tell how a person really feels by how they write.  Because our handwriting is controlled by our subconscious we can consciously change our handwriting to affect changes in our behavior…I swear by this! No, it doesn’t happen overnight…it has to be exercised repeatedly.  Each time you consciously remind yourself of why you’re writing differently it’s suggesting to your subconscious that it has to change… until it becomes automatic!

Here are some tips for change: (By the way Physical in my writings means extrovert and Emotional means introvert)

I would like to be more out going and extroverted (Want to be more of a Physical) : If your writing is small and leans to the left or straight up and down, write larger and lean your words more to the right. If your writing already fits this pattern, exaggerate it even more always keeping in mind why you’re doing it.

I would like to be less dramatic and take the time to think before I speak (Want to become more of an Emotional):  Your writing is probably huge! Make a point to write smaller and sign your name smaller as well.  Keeping in mind why you’re doing it each time.

I would like to feel more optimistic: When you write, slant all of your sentences upward…keeping in mind each time, why you’re doing it.

I am horrible with time management:  Make sure that your margins on each side of the page are equally spaced…keeping in mind why you’re doing it each time.

I know there will be detractors to this concept as there were the last time, but I encourage you to try this if for no other reason…you’ve been trying everything else, why not try something different to get different results!

So, let me say that of course, of course, of course…this doesn’t solve all of your life’s problems, it may not even work for some people.  Again my point here is to bring awareness to how we are reactive to life as opposed to proactive and this is what causes many of our life’s issues.  You will encounter a lot less stress in your life approaching from this angle.  It’s not that issues will not come to you…I promise they will but, isn’t driving a lot easier …now that you know how to drive?

T. Scott

– Dehypnotize


What your handwriting says about you

Did you know that it’s possible to tell whether you’re a physical or an emotional just by looking at your handwriting?  It’s true!  Our handwriting is controlled by our ideo-motor responses which simply means that its controlled by our subconscious.  It’s like riding a bike; once you know how, you then only concern yourself with where you’re going.  With writing, you don’t think about how to write only what to.

Before you read on please find a blank sheet of line-less paper (If you read this first you’ll spoil it for yourself). Write down this phrase in cursive if you can (preferred):

My handwriting will tell me six thousand five hundred and forty-eight things about my personality.

Which way are the letters leaning? Left, right or straight up and down?

Leaning to right – Most likely physical

Leaning left – Most likely emotional

Straight up and down – most likely intellectual

  • If you find that the entire sentence has an upward slant, you’re probably really optimistic about something in your life right now.  If it’s slanting downward you’re probably not feeling so well about something.
  • If your handwriting is constantly changing, it’s because your mood is probably also constantly changing.

Most of us were taught to write from left to right and with a right leaning slant.  However when our subconscious mind is activated, it does whatever it wants.  I use the words most likely and probably a lot because no one fits perfectly into any group as one commenter reminded me.

So, emotionals are typically introverts so the left lean simulates withdrawal or a pulling away from.  Physicals are typically extroverts so their letters lean forward.  Its funny too because this is how they communicate physically as well.  The physical is always coming forward and in your face and the emotional is backing away like, “Hey, back up a little you’re too close.” Ha. There are so many more interesting things you can learn from your handwriting.  I just wanted to share with you a few.

So, the next time you’re looking at someone’s handwriting, check it out and see if you can make out which personality they are.


– Dehypnotize

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