How to Dehypnotize

Can you be hypnotized?

Most people would reject the notion that  they’re capable of being hypnotized… because they don’t believe in such foolishness.  Being hypnotized is for weak-minded people they say.

I’m not really mad at them for thinking this way since it’s only due to misinformation about this topic.  If you’ve ever watched television, speak a language, learned thewords to a song, if you’ve ever read a book etc. you’ve been hypnotized.  Hypnosis is simply being open to suggestions while in a relaxed, hyper – state of awareness.  Think about when your favorite song is on, you tune everything out around you and you’re focused on every word the artist says.  The more you hear it, the more words you remember, but more importantly, you’re connecting with how it makes you feel.



Physical and Emotional

I’ve written a bit about the Physical and the Emotional behaviors because your personality determines what you’re most suggestible to.  Physicals are more suggestible to tangible things or objects, Emotionals are more suggestible to words or intellectual stimulation.  This is why one person remembers the scene in a movie and the other remembers the dialogue.

Once you’ve determined what your suggestibility is, you may then begin to suggest to yourself only the things that fit your life’s goal.  You’ll become aware of things that  are being suggested to you, but now you’ll be able to decide what to accept and what not to accept.  By the way, every conversation is a battle of suggestions.  The language that we use in conversation is based on our own suggestibility.  If you’d like to be more efficient when communicating, use the other person’s suggestibility while communicating with them.

What does this have to do with dehypnotizing?

To dehypnotize means to become aware.  Aware of how you take things and how you act on what you’ve interpreted to be reality.  Why do you dress conservatively, or why are you a flashy dresser?  Why are you so passionate or why are you seen as emotionless.  These are all results of your suggestibility and how you’ve responded.

When you can zero yourself out (as I like to call it) meaning no people, no suggestions, no interruptions, no thoughts, you can begin the process of dehypnotizing yourself.  Once you’re at zero, now  input what  you’d like for yourself into your subconscious mind and it becomes reality, just like learning the words to that song.

Reality becomes different once you see the world from the inside out, or by cause and effect.



– Note – If you’ve hypnotized someone literally and you can’t seem to  ‘un’hypnotize them,  contact a professional who should ‘re’hypnotize them to bring them out of the hypnotic state.


Logically Emotional

One doesn’t have to become a nueroscientist to understand that there are two sides of the brain and we tend to lean more to one side than the other.  What we typically fail to realize however, is how important learning the other side really is.  Take a look at the chart below:


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Which side best describes you most of the time?  Are you equally represented on both sides?  Which characteristics are presented that you don’t have but would like to?  Let’s take a look at how the our suggestibility and sexuality are represented in this chart.  Suggestibility being how we learn and Sexuality being how we act.

The Right brain or Physical behavior typically lives life from the present into the future whereas the Left brain lives from the future back to the present.  Meaning that the physical lives more for the moment and whatever happens, happens (feelings).  The Emotional makes present decisions based on what they perceive the future results will  be (analytical).  We call this the devil and the angel on our shoulder, one side is saying “Do it! Do it!”  While the other side is saying, ” think….about…ittttt.”  This means that we all have both sides, we simply suppress the subdominant side.  When we meet someone who is our opposite, we’re subconsciously aware of and a lot of times attracted to this behavior; only to become an enemy of it later.

Our opposites represent the physical manifestation of the other side of our brains.  This is what causes most of the troubles in relationships as it relates to communicating; which side is more dominant?  If one person feels that they’re not getting their fair amount of representation, they’ll begin to become more exaggerated in their behavior.  The emotional will become more distant and the physical will become more excited.  Bom …Bom…Bommm…and the fighting begins.

The riddle here is for each side to learn the other for your own development.  There are four parts to the equation, physical/emotional suggestible – physical/emotional sexual.  This means that there are two ways that we see and do things (physical or sexuality) and two ways that we hear and interpret things (emotional or suggestibility).  Ironically, we have two eyes, two ears, two sides to the testicles and the ovaries…all physical manifestations.  I’m beginning to think that there’s something behind this opposites thing.

I guess it all comes back down to learning who and what you are, the good and the bad if you want to call it that. Once we obtain that balance within ourselves, it becomes easier to recognize and or build it in someone else.  Alternating current or direct current mean nothing seperately, it’s not until they come together in a balanced equation do they make electricity or give power.

Our successes or failures come from the suggestions that have been placed in front of us along the way and how we’ve responded to them.  If you look closely at the brain it kind of looks like a maze;  it’s like we spend the majority of our lives trying to find a way out of it never realizing that the only way out is through.


– Dehypnotize

Troubled Teen

If you’ve ever heard a teenager utter the phrase, “No one understands what I’m going through”, for the most part they were correct.  I say for the most part because unless you have a masters in physics or medical understanding of what happens in human development; you really don’t know what they’re going through.

As children we communicate based mostly on how we feel at the time for example, when we’re hungry or hurting or need to be changed.  As we grow older our frontal lobe area begins to develop or mature and our communication abilities become more diverse.  The frontal lobe area  is our rational or logical decision making department of the brain. Here’s how Frances Jensen a pediatric neurologist at Children’s Hospital in Boston explains it:

“It’s the part of the brain that says: ‘Is this a good idea? What is the consequence of this action?’ ” Jensen says. “It’s not that they don’t have a frontal lobe. And they can use it. But they’re going to access it more slowly

This also may explain why teenagers often seem so maddeningly self-centered. “You think of them as these surly, rude, selfish people,” Jensen says. “Well, actually, that’s the developmental stage they’re at. They aren’t yet at that place where they’re thinking about — or capable, necessarily, of thinking about the effects of their behavior on other people. That requires insight.”

And insight requires — that’s right — a fully connected frontal lobe.

So, here are a few ways we currently manage the process of teen development.

  • Yell at them for not being as smart as we are
  • Ignore them and pray that it goes away
  • Talk to them from our “wise” positions
  • Punish them for it

How do they typically respond to this?

  • Rebel
  • Do poorly in school
  • Turn to alcohol or drugs
  • Runaway

Basically, anything to get away from the rejection, depression or negative feeling they may be experiencing at the time.  These are all feelings based reactions.  How we feel about things begins as a thought, once this thought is accepted it becomes a part of our subconscious behavior.  We  then act on what we “know” automatically.

Let’s say that a teenager commits a crime while acting based on their feelings at the time.  He or she will be incarcerated with other like or worse minded individuals at one of the most suggestible times of their lives.

The Pew Center on the States has released a major new empirical study on recidivism rates among released prisoners.  Bottom line: about 40 percent are returned to prison within three years of release.  About half are returned for violations of parole conditions, and half for new convictions.  Return-to-prison rates vary widely among the states, from 22.8 percent in Oregon to 61.2 percent in Minnesota.  Wisconsin’s 46-percent rate is a little above the national average.

This means that roughly half of the people convicted of crimes in the US return to prison.  This is a problem.  Even if the person doesn’t return to prison; having a criminal record makes it extremely difficult to lead a productive life.  This makes a life of crime more attractive and thereby increases the chances of a repeat offender… brilliant!  I think  prisons should play self improvement CDs over the loud speakers all day and all night.  That alone would probably drop the crime rate in half.  They’d either change or kill themselves to keep from having to hear anymore.

Let’s say a teenage girl get’s pregnant.  Now in addition to her brain developing and all that comes along with that process, her hormones are about to start performing circus tricks.  The child comes into the world under these circumstances and learns communication from someone who hasn’t quite grasped the concept herself… and the cycle continues.

This all comes back to that sneaky word suggestibility.  Whatever you continually suggest to someone becomes real after a while.  This doesn’t mean that if you say happy and positive things to your child often they will become good kids.  Your child is not only picking up on what you say, they’re also learning how you say it.  Your movements and gestures are all being recorded and this becomes what the child accepts as normal or correct.  If your communication ability with others needs improvement, your child’s will too.

This is important because as a teenager expression is one the biggest priorities, if not the only one.  Whether it’s through sex, introversion, acting out or simply leaving, a teenager is going to express him or herself.  At the core, expression is only energy trying to find where it fits in on this grid of electricity called life.

Lastly, “proper” communication comes from listening and paying attention to nonverbal communication signals.  Don’t simply listen to what is said, listen to what he or she is saying.  “I want to go hang out with my friends”, could mean that you’re not spending enough time; or they could just want to go hang out with their friends…

– Dehypnotize


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Violence Against Women

It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.  This will not show every reason or cure for abuse, I only hope to offer a pound of prevention for those who have or may suffer from abuse at the hands of a so called loved one.

If you’ve dated more than one person in your life, you know by now that everyone has at least two sides to them.  The one they introduce you to and the one they actually are.   This in and of itself is not a bad thing as we all would like someone that we’re interested in to see the best side of us.  But how can we see the end from the beginning?  It requires understanding yourself first!  The type of person that you are determines the type of people that are attracted to you.  Even the most beautiful girl with a rotten attitude will turn off most guys and conversely a not so attractive woman with a pleasant attitude increases her chances of finding a qualified mate.  Most controlling men (Physicals) are not attracted to bossy (Physical) women for relationship purposes.  It does happen but the relationship normally doesn’t last very long…typically due to violence.

So, in the dating game here’s how to identify a potential abuser.  Someone that is ‘extremely’ nice to you and says all of the right things, calls every hour on the hour to shower you with compliments should be your first warning sign.  Someone that is extremely nice on one side can be extremely dangerous on the other.  If this person is a drinker and they most likely are, this is another indicator.  If you were busy and couldn’t answer your phone when they called and they seem to be unreasonably disturbed by this, this is another indicator.  All of these are the characteristics of an ‘extreme’ Physical.  Stop making excuses for them and tricking yourself into believing that they do this because you’re so fine.  This is a control mechanism that shows itself as flattery…at first.

Emotionals can be abusive as well.  Here is how the Emotional becomes this way.  They’re normally in a relationship with a Physical (male or female) and the Physical is not as tactful when expressing their feelings about an issue they’re having with their mate.  The Emotional is notorious for taking things the wrong way so it makes a bad situation worse when they’re actually right about what’s being said to them.  Physicals ‘can’ be very degrading and insensitive without even being in an argument.  But when they are in a heated argument it can get even worse.  They will get as close to you as possible, yell, scream, bite, kick, punch and will use any other physical means of getting their point across available.  The Emotional typically doesn’t respond right away to this behavior but instead is keeping track of all of the incidents and name calling along the way.  After internalizing these feelings for so long, one day the Physical may ask a simple question and a nuclear explosion results.  The Emotional is extremely dangerous in this situation because they’ll let out all of the frustration that they’ve been holding in since it first begin. They even feel justified by doing so because they feel that they’ve given the Physical enough warnings to change their behavior but they continued to badger them.  Please remember that silence is not an indication of being a coward.

Drugs and alcohol also play an extreme role in these situations.  alcohol makes a person more of a Physical than normal; look at the behavior of a person who’s had too much to drink.  They become loud and obnoxious, they keep touching all over you, they’re extremely happy or sad and their tempers are on display at the first sign of trouble.  This is why there are so many fights in bar environments.  Marijuana has more of an Emotional effect on behavior.  Let’s look at what happens when a person smokes.  They become very lazy, they put everything off until the next day, they analyze the sun, the moon, the lights, the wall, how they breathe and so on.  Everything to them is happening in a slower motion, they even talk slower.

Abuse is wrong no matter who’s administering it, male or female, physical or verbal.  It’s probably too much to ask for people to seek help with controlling their emotions so I’m only trying to give you a heads up on how to identify potential hazards.  If you notice any of these extreme characteristics in someone that you’re interested in…run!  They don’t get better, they only get worse especially if you’ve already allowed it to happen once.

Just as a side note,  ‘extreme’ Physicals are the stalker type.  If you tell them no, they come on even stronger…’because they love you so much’.  Don’t fall for the I’m sorries and it won’t happen agains.  It’s not that people don’t change, it’s just that they normally can not change without getting professional help.

I hope this was helpful.

Call for help if you’re a victim of abuse. 800.621.HOPE(4673).


Csanad Szegedi :When belief systems go wrong

Recently an anti Semitic politician was forced into a life changing situation when he discovered that he himself had jewish roots.  After being confronted by an ex-convict about his grandmother being a Jew, Csanad Szegedi then tried to buy the silence of his whistle blower to no avail.  He’s now began a confusing backtracking campaign to salvage what’s left of his public life in politics.

Read article here:

This was actually funny to me because of the irony involved.  Although this is a clear example of how our beliefs get in the way of logic, there are many not so apparent examples that we encounter daily.  This person is Catholic and this one is Protestant so they should hate each other to the level of being willing to kill for their opposing beliefs.  It’s these very beliefs that keep us married to the ignorance of those that came before us.

Here’s another example:  We’re in the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the Civil War.  Some argue that the Rebel soldiers that fought should be honored for fighting for what they believe in and others believe that the war was an ugly mark on American history and should be forgotten.

Who’s right or wrong in this situation.  Well, let me say this and as always, you should come to your own conclusions.  There was a time when it was illegal for African-Americans to learn to read… I still can’t believe that one.  So, the result of this brilliant idea is that now there are still those who can’t read and don’t feel a need to learn how.  Well that was three hundred years ago, some might say, what does that have to do with now.  I’m glad you asked.  It’s a little thing called DNA.  DNA has memory and when this memory is combined with an environment of convoluted belief systems it creates an ever-growing cycle of willful ignorance.

So, why is this an issue?  Well, an educated person has more financial opportunities than someone that is not.  It’s not the economy, it’s education stupid.  If everyone were afforded the same opportunities for quality education, there would be no need for affirmative action and welfare would be used for those who cannot physically work.  There would be more people working and bringing more revenue into communities and neighborhoods, positively affecting the society as a whole.  But now, what you see is that one segment of society is being held responsible for the welfare of another which creates more disdain and hatred.

So, in other words the very law that was created to keep ignorance alive and well worked.  Now other laws have been created to try and reverse the effects of that brilliance.  Hate is a virus and a tool of the unlearned to spread more debilitating consequences to our existence.  We, then try to solve this riddle from the middle and become frustrated by the undesired results.

The resolution to this issue is not complicated at all… change these archaic belief systems on all sides!  I know it’s ridiculous to believe this will ever happen but that doesn’t mean it’s not what should happen.  It’s not our fault that we got to this point, however it is our fault if we stay here.


The Chad Johnson Evelyn Lozada – Therapy

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I’ve written about the Physical and Emotional personalities quite a bit now so it should be easy to see what happened between these two.  All together now… they were both Physicals.  So, what happened here exactly?  Well based on the part of the story that has been released I’m just going to guess. I really don’t even need the rest of the story to know what went down.

First, how close would they have to be standing to each other for him to head-butt her? Pretty close.  Physicals are notorious for getting in your face to communicate, whether they’re angry or not.  Secondly, what was the issue as stated in the reports?  He was basically cheating; another characteristic of the Physical male.  What was her response?  To get in his face and challenge him about it (a characteristic of the Physical woman.)  Believe me when I tell you that he is truly sorry for what he did.  All Physicals are.  Would he do it again… absolutely, he can’t help it.  Once a Physical’s emotional state has been triggered they can’t stop and this is the result.  They only see the error of their ways when the emotions subside.  Now here’s what will typically happen.  He’ll call her over and over explaining how sorry he truly is, she eventually start to listen.  She’ll think about how great the sex was and how charming he was and soon they’ll become ‘friends’ again and the same thing will happen all over again.  Maybe not the head-butt, but things will get Physical again. (This is just my prediction.)

When a Physical has something emotional to discuss, they’re going to do so with a great deal of ‘passion’ as they like to call it.  Well, this is ok when you’re dealing with an Emotional because the Emotional will typically back down or turn away;  Emotionals don’t like confrontation.  Two Physicals make very passionate lovers but horrible mates in a relationship because they both lead with their emotions.  In all relationships one personality has to make room for the other.  Two Emotionals don’t make for good relationship partners either.  The relationship between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston is a good example of this.  They typically end up Not talking or Not touching each other to death.

So, what did we learn from our reality tv friends?  Two people with the same personalities should not be in a relationship together, especially two Physicals.  They make great friends but too often this is mistaken for a good reason to get involved with one another… bad idea.  I wish the best for them both and hopefully they’ve learned what got them into this and won’t make the same mistake the next time.


– Dehypnotize

Radioactive Relationships

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Since there are so many similarities between the very small and very large (atoms look like solar systems etc.), I thought using radioactivity in an atom and issues in relationships would be a good comparison.

Binding energy is the energy that is associated with the strong force, and this energy holds the nucleus together.

  • Love is the energy that is associated with the understanding, and this energy holds the nucleus of a relationship together.

A stable atom is an atom that has enough binding energy to hold the nucleus together permanently.

  • A stable relationship is one that has enough love and understanding to hold the relationship together permanently.

An unstable atom does not have enough binding energy to hold the nucleus together permanently and is called a radioactive atom

  • An unstable relationship does not have enough love or understanding to hold the relationship together permanently and is called a radioactive relationship

In most cases, elements like to have an equal number of protons and neutrons because this makes them the most stable. Atoms with unstable nuclei are constantly changing as a result of the imbalance of energy within the nucleus.

  • In most cases people should be with their equal and opposite behavior because this makes them the most stable. Relationships with lop-sided behavior types are unstable and constantly changing as a result of the imbalance between the two people.

Stable atoms have a binding energy that is strong enough to hold the protons and neutrons together. Even if an atom has an extra neutron or two it may remain stable. In an unstable atom, the nucleus changes by giving off a neutron to get back to a balanced state. As the unstable nucleus changes, it gives off radiation and is said to be radioactive.

  • Stable individuals have a love or understanding that is strong enough to hold the relationship together. Even if one individual becomes selfish at times the relationship can remain stable. When one person feels they’ve been done wrong they react in a way to get things back to ‘normal’. If this reaction doesn’t work the person increases their response creating a heated moment known as a fight or argument and is said to be radioactive.

Even on the atomic level, balance is the key to success. Just as radioactivity is the result of the imbalance of a nucleus, issues in a relationship are the result of an imbalance in the two individuals. Arguments are meant to bring balance back to the core, not cause nuclear explosions.

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