Dream Therapy

Through the millenia dreams have played an integral part in the shaping of history as well as the present.  Because They are still largely a mystery, most people simply dismiss their dreams as unnecessary thoughts of the night.  Nightmares tend to stay with us longer because they incite more of our emotions just as with regular memories.

Have you ever dreamed that you’d hidden money in a particular place and once you were awake you went to look for it? Ha! I have…several times, of course it was never there.  What about flying or falling or the one I really hate; running or fighting in slow motion or not being able to move at all?  If you answered yes to any of these this says that certain types of dreams are very common separated only by our experiences.  Dreams can be influnced by the external environment.  For example, waking up from a dream that you were on fire only to realize that someone had turned on the heat in the middle of a Georgia summer.  They can also be influence by changes in the body.  For example,  the falling dreams are said to be a result of sugar level decreases through the night.

So what do our dreams mean?  Anyone that tells you that they can interpret your dreams is probably not being honest and/or they’re trying to make a few dollars of you.  If they tell you that they can help YOU interpret your own dreams, that is actually possible. You are the only one that knows what your dreams truly mean and an honest interpreter will only guide you back to a self assessment.

The key to understanding our dreams is first understanding that our emotions are the driving force behind everything that happens in our lives. When we experience our emotions while awake, we move on the in some way, that’s why they’re called e-‘motions’. However, our bodies are in a paralytic state while we’re asleep so we can only move within our minds once we feel them.  For example; do your dreams jump from one scene to the next and make absolutely no sense at times?  This is because as our feelings change, how and what we see changes as well.  Have you ever awakened from a nightmare sweating or screaming?  These were times when the emotions were too strong for the mind to move away from so the body had to react.

Dreams are ultimately stress release mechanisms. They’re like the garbage men of our system. The more stress that you’ve taken on throughout the day, the more active your dreams may be… a lot of garbage has to be taken out. If you find that you can’t get to sleep at times because of the stress from the day, it still comes back to those pesky emotions – it’s how you ‘feel’ about the stress of the day. The next time you can’t sleep because you’re thinking too much about a problem or an issue, try thinking about the useless emotions that you’re attaching to the situation instead of the situation itself. When you start to focus on how ridiculous it looks to exert so much energy over something you have no control over (it’s even worse if you do have control over it and you’re still stressing) your mind can relax and figure the problem out for you. Remeber…you have all of your answers, others can only show you how to identify and apply them. It doesn’t matter what anyone says to you, you still process life – the way you think.  At the end of the day our problems are not the problem…it’s our emotions.

Now I know that this doesn’t explain deja vu or prophetic dreams neither was it meant to, that’s another posting on its own.  This was meant to show that the images and symbols that we see in our dreams have only come from what we’ve experienced as individuals in our lives.

So, I’ll close by saying that the more you are able to control your feelings, reactions or responses through the day (there is a way to do this that I’ll address in an upcoming post), the more restful sleep you’ll have at night, which allows you to better handle the stress of the next day which allows for more peaceful sleep that night and so on…

I Got Caught On FB

Once upon a long, long time ago  I started a FB conversation with a coworker. She dressed provocatively, was out spoken and needed to be the center of attention (physical) just like I like’em.  Our conversation began to escalate into flirting a little more each time we spoke until one day…

It was a cold rainy morning…my wife works from home so as was her normal routine; she got up, performed her morning duties and went downstairs to her office.  I figured I’d get a few more minutes before logging onto FB to chat with a ‘friend’, then head off to work myself.  Upon, logging into my account, it seems that I’m already having a conversation with my ‘friend’ and its been going on for a while now.  “Oh my god,” I think to myself.

I immediately type into the chat: Hey, I gotta run I’ll talk to you later.  As I started to read all the posts my heart raced faster.  A lump swelled in my throat as I tried to swallow the realization of what was to come.  By a hair’s width of saving grace, I had only been having topical flirtatious conversation with her…up to that point.  However, this didn’t curb the enthusiasm of chaos that would ensue. As you can guess, I was torn a new one.  It took several months before we were able to totally resolve that issue because…I got caught talking to her again! (Smh)  I was actually trying to break it off with her gently, but she wasn’t having it.  Finally, I had to become rude to get the point across.

Now I knew I was wrong, so why, why did I feel the need to cause such mayhem in my home?  What was it about this girl who made me willing to sacrifice all that I had just for conversation?  It was the thrill of sneaking that FB provides that overwhelms logical thought. Well, after not speaking to her for a while I saw her again in passing.  She looked totally different to me than she did when we first met.  The conversation was less than exciting and I got this feeling of…”This is what I was getting into trouble for?” The thrill was gone.  The taboo that once was, was no more.  It made me stop to think of how many times I’ve actually met some one that I was loony over at first, that later turned out to be just another person with issues like me.

See, our emotions are very powerful and very tricky.  They can make you see things that aren’t really there, feel things that you can’t explain and cause us to act out in very unusual manners.  Nothing is stronger to us than our emotions so, in order to control them, you have to out smart them.  Know your areas of weakness and avoid situations that allow your weaknesses to manifest themselves.

I am happy to say that, that was the last FB incident and I have started to see things from the end of the situation to the beginning.  That was a task let me tell you.  I’m no different than anyone else, I can be as good as the best of them or as bad as the worst…I only ‘choose’ to be better now.  If we could all see the consequences of our actions before we make these decisions…our lives would be a lot better off.  The funny thing is for the most part we could if we only tried and put our emotions and feelings on punishment.  Bad emotions! Bad!

Thanks for listening


Leave God Alone


      I recall a song that was always sang in the church my family attended when I was a little boy.  The song was called “Jesus Will Work It Out”.  Whenever someone would sing that song, the church would go nuts.  As the singer continued onto the chorus, “Even got a light bill due, even got a gas bill too, I turned it over to the lord and he worked it out…”

     Now, as with earlier posts, my goal is to get us to become more responsible for ourselves and our own actions.  It seems that our reactive mind-sets have allowed for sub-par performances in our lives far too long.  Too many of us depend on God for the wrong things.  God didn’t cause you to lose your temper at work and curse your boss and get fired.  Now you want him to help you pay your light bill…And your gas bill too? 

     We go to God for aches and pains, this and that when he already gave you the power to fix these things yourself!  Yes, even your temper.  However, we’ve been conditioned to sit back and allow things to be given to us, paid for us and so on.  Imagine if you were giving to yourself as much as you expect others to give to you. 

     Now why should we leave God alone with all of this non-sense?  Because when you actually get the concept of what God is, you’ll see how much of an untapped resource you’ve been sitting on.  You see, God as I know it to be, cannot even be classified as a him.  That’s a human personification of something that we don’t understand.  There are other dimensions of life right here on earth that we could explore if we weren’t focused on going to the club tonight.  Then you’re praying to God again because you went home drunk with someone and you don’t remember what happened!  And the cycle continues.

        I hear all the time now from anyone I discuss this matter with, “well I’m not religious, I’m spiritual”.  I just continue the conversation because I know what they mean but I don’t know if they know a lot of the time what they mean.  For example, one definition of religious is: a member of an order or congregation living by such a rule.  Now most of these individuals are devout church members and do all that they can to live by the ‘rule’ of their ‘religion’.  So, how are they not religious?  The next thing I’d ask would be, “What’s the difference between right or wrong and good or bad?  Why is it that I can do good all of my life and still go to hell and someone else can do bad their entire life and go to heaven(as long as they repent)?  How does spirituality help answer this question?”  This normally changes the direction of the conversation.  Anger typically follows and an argument ensues. 

     Now let’s go back for a second to ‘suggestibility’.  What we believe in has been suggested to us from birth.  Even if you’ve gone the opposite direction than you were taught, you’re going that way to spite what was suggested to you.  Which brings us to our belief systems.  I dare you to speak on a topic that is contrary to someone’s belief system about anything and discover the voracity in which the person defends it.  This again is the power of suggestibility.  “This is what I believe, and no one can tell me differently!”

     Well I am here to tell you differently.  We are capable of so much more than we even realize.  We’ve been mentally institutionalize to believe that this is all that Life has to offer.  We live, we die, we go to heaven or hell and live eternity there.  Well I’ll be honest, I don’t know what happens after we die, I haven’t spoken to anyone who died and came back to tell me what happens either.  What I do know is what’s going on right now while I’m alive and what I can do about it.  If we weren’t meant to be in control of our own lives then why on earth are we here?


T Scott

The Blank Page


     Talk to any writer and they’ll tell you of the overwhelming feeling of anxiety that comes when staring at a blank  page.  Be it stagnation from a temporary block or not being able to get it all out fast enough, the experience can be quite daunting.

     Take a look at a sheet of paper.  Notice how the lines create a boxing-in effect, the page itself is a box.  This box represents our lives and the lines are the days of our lives.  The top of the page indicates the beginning of our lives where nothing is written but our names.  We learn to respond to being called by this label.  As we go down the page it would start to be filled with what we were told that life is all about.  The middle part of the page would represent us beginning to understand what we’ve been told and the process of acting accordingly.  The bottom of the page would represent how we began to live our lives according to what we’ve learned and now understand.

     Today I’d like to propose something to you that would change your life as you now know it… turn the page over!  That’s right.  Turn over the page and this time you get to name yourself!  This time you get to write your own path.  Who do you want to be?  Where would you like to go?  You are now in control, all you have to do is write it down and act on it!  Once you’ve filled that page…go to the next one and keep writing until the book of your life is done.  I promise, it really is that simple.

      So, let there be a great sound in the air from the sound of pens scratching the paper and boots hitting the ground… let’s go! 

T Scott

Drunk Drivers

My heartfelt condolences to anyone who has ever been affected by the irresponsible acts of a drunken driver.  As you’ll see later, all of us have been or have been affected by these careless acts of destruction.  This post looks to address the of the influence of ‘spirits’ or feelings on our everyday lives.

Here’s one definition of the word drunk – overcome or dominated by a strong feeling or emotion.  Hmm… anyone not fall into this category?  It seems that  we all struggle daily with our feelings and emotions and the decisions that we make based on them.  If you think about it, where you are in life now is based on the decisions that were made according to how you felt at the time.  The funny thing is that we continue to do this even if not being totally satisfied with our previous results.

It’s hard to conceive the idea that we live in the past, present and the future at the same time.  This is due to our perception of time.  For example, by the time you can say the word present, it’s already in the past.  The thought of saying the word is projected into the future ; the process of saying it is your present.  Now why is this important?  Because when you understand this concept, you will then be able to ‘control’ your future by simply extending the mental present into the physical future.  In other words you’ll become proactive in your life as opposed to reactive to your feelings and emotions.

Networks are making a fortune capitalizing off of these ‘drunk drivers’ under the guise of ‘Reality TV’ and they are none the wiser.  All they know is that trick better stop talking smack before she gets smacked!  I can see in real time the effects this behavior has on our communities; just read some of the posts on FB…smh

Your body is your vehicle and you know by now that your emotions are the alcohol.  Please take control of your car and manage your alcohol intake on all levels!



     Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, you always seem to end back up in the same place that you started.  You have the drive the determination and the plan but somehow it just never seems to work?  Well believe it or not there’s a reason behind this and fortunately there’s a ‘cure’ as well. 

     As humans we all have been designed with a little program called Homeostasis. 

     Homeostasis is defined as: The ability or tendency of an organism or a cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.

     This just means that your body and mind are programmed to remain the same. For example when you get cold, your body starts to shiver to bring its temperature back to normal.  When you get too hot your body sweats to cool itself down.  These are not conscious actions.  They are automatic or unconscious actions.  Although this states the physiological process, the psychological is also affected.

     So, as it relates to success or a change in lifestyle, you must first change the script that you’re operating from.  You must identify the examples that you were given in life to follow and make a conscious decision to change your programing.  You must attack the root of the problem in order to change the results of it. 

     Break-through is defined as:   To achieve success, make a discovery, etc, especially after lengthy efforts.

     In other words, imagine that thing that’s holding you back is a paper-towel.  Everyday you begin to add a pebble of accomplishment (towards your goal).  After a while the pebbles become too heavy for the paper-towel holding them back and you have (all together now)… a Break-Through. I know what you’re saying, “Well I already knew that, that’s simple”.  Yeah I know, things are so simple that we make them complicated.  Truthfully the only thing holding us back is ourselves.  There are no spells or curses (unless you consider your upbringing to one of these) it’s just what we’ve been taught. 

     One last example: If you were to take all of the money in the world and redistribute it equally, within a short amount of time, the same people who had the most money before will have it again.  Why?  Because its their mind-set.  It’s ALL of our mind sets.  We are where we have chosen to be in life.  If you’d like to change where you are…..dehypnotize!

T Scott



The Run-Away Guest

     My wife invited a co-worker to our home the other day for a brief business meeting.  After sitting and discussing a pending sale for a few moments, the co-worker asks, “I’m sorry could I bother you for a drink?”  My wife, immediately apologizes for failing to offer before being asked and replies “Sure, of course!”  Before she’s able to complete the sentence, her guest pops up, walks up the stairs into the kitchen and finally into the refrigerator to claim her just reward. (Insert sound of tires screeching to a halt.)

     Now, I don’t know how you were raised but in our house it was forbidden and punishable by death to walk through someone’s house as a guest without first being invited to do so; let alone go into their refrigerator… please.  So my wife scurries to corral the run-away guest and helps her back to her ‘rightful’ place in the den with her drink in hand. 

     So, later that evening we began to discuss the event over dinner.  We had a similar up-bringing as it related to the matter so we both agreed that it was a little strange.  We then started to compare stories of other friends who’ve had similar experiences and their take on the matter.  Some people don’t seem to have an issue with this behavior and you could actually go into their homes and do the same thing, no problems.

     So, I started to look at the subconscious behavior behind the physical act.  She expressed that she wanted something and she got up and made it happen.  She didn’t wait for the moment to be just right, she didn’t even ask for directions to the kitchen, she just went for it.  That’s a learned behavior.  

    How many of us are sitting around waiting for that glass of water to be brought to us?  How much longer are you going to wait for it?  How would you know what was actually put into the glass?  And we looked at her as if she were the strange one….

T Scott