Stay Prayed Up (Kandi Burruss – Marvin Sapp)


Looks like the critics were wrong about this one…too. Kandi Burruss and Marvin Sapp’s Stay Prayed Up made it to #1 on itunes Gospel charts. Hold up, the queen of reality tv sex toys has the #1 gospel song? That just can’t be!

Well obviously it can be and it is. People are so busy and quick to judge others that they don’t have time to see the error in their own ways. Most of those talking are the ones at the club Sunday morning rushing home to get a couple hours of sleep before showing up to sing in the choir in the first service.  Kandi in my opinion is openly displaying what so many of us do a horrible job of concealing. We all have more than one side to our personalities, it’s the denial of this fact that burdens us with so much unnecessary stress.

Who can say to Ms. Burruss that she shouldn’t make a song about what she believes? To say so would only be stating what you believe…(smh). How long must we endure the wrath of the unlearned? How long must we be subjected to the unconscious and willfull ignorance of the majority?

I read an article the other day about a woman who was arrested for selling adult toys. I thought that to be strange so I read on. Come to find out that it wasn’t because she was selling the toys, it was because she didn’t call them novelty items. It’s apparently against the law to sell adult toys and call it that in that county (this was in TX).

Throughout history man has struggled with the concept of sex; be it about homosexuality, sex before/ during marriage, masturbation etc.. It seems that we’ve put the so-called shame of sex at the forefront of our very existence and we’re baffled by the confusion that has followed. It’s not complicated at all, either become non-human or accept the whole of you that is human. Things only become taboo when you’re told not to do them…

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With the new millennium came a new attitude towards sex.  It’s actually not new at all, openness in sexuality has been around for centuries.  Religious teachings about sex merely ran sexual behavior underground.  This has caused deviance, passive aggression, shameful and all sorts of confused behavior in our societies.

The conversation of sexual satisfaction is rarely addressed in long term relationships.  One partner may feel inadequate when given suggestions on how to please the other.  In most cases someone ends up unsatisfied, fakes it or ends up cheating.  This is all due to the inability to communicate our most intimate feelings about our most intimate moments.

Kandi Burruss of Xscape and Reality TV show Atlanta Housewives has launched Bedroom Kandi an adult toys store and Kandi Koated Nights, an accompanying talk show to address open communication in the bedroom.  I commend her for her professional approach to such a taboo subject.  She’s an Emotional Suggestible/ Physical Sexual by the way; a lady in the streets and …

It’s ok to want sex to feel good and it’s ok to communicate to your partner when it doesn’t.  So, how do you tell your partner that things could be better without hurting their feelings?  Speak their language!  Are they Physical or Emotional?  Are they visual or kinesthetic?  These things matter because one partner will be into fantasy while the other could be more into physical stimulation.  Why not communicate about what you like in their language and allow them to do the same for the purpose of both people achieving satisfactory results.

The common misconception about sex is that everyone likes to do it the same way.  With just a little patience, you might find a whole new world to explore with each other if you’d only begin to have those forbidden conversations.  Sex in your relationship is not evil or shameful or bad, irresponsible sex is. 

Take time and get to know what the other person’s likes or dislike may be or get into each other before getting into each other. Everything that we experience is realized through the mind so why not start there and finish with the body?

In the end, our lives are ultimately what we make of them and we only have a short time to realize the benefits of making them what we truly wanted.  So, what are you waiting for?

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