Was Jesus Married?

You may have heard about this story by Karen King, a historian of early Christianity, and the Hollis professor of divinity at Harvard Divinity School.  There’s a line in which Jesus refers to “my wife.”

You can read the entire article here: http://news.yahoo.com/jesus-had-wife-newly-discovered-gospel-suggests-202727064.html

I won’t take the bait to argue one way or the other, the authenticity of this piece of papyra or what’s written on it.  What I’d like to understand is, why does it matter if he had a wife or not?  I heard one analyst say that it would change the way that women are treated and viewed in the church.  Is that to say that women are to be treated differently in the church until further notice?  It boggles my mind the contradictions I see taking place today from so-called believers of all religions for that matter. Love one another unless they don’t believe what you do.  Treat everyone equally with love and kindness, unless they’re a woman or they’re a different color or make less/more money than you.  And to make matters worse, more people believe this way than not.  Can someone tell me what is gained from the oppression of anyone or anything other than resentment and disdain for the oppressor?

Our arrogance inhibits our growth.  How can we still believe that the wrapper determines the contents?  I would like to know who said that women are any less or more than men in the first place.  What a self-centered, egotistical, progression prohibitive way of thinking.  This was created by the might is right philosophy that has stifled human growth for far too long.  The same as my race against yours, my politics against yours or my religion against yours.  All are beliefs and all are subjective to one’s own view-point. This is what life seems to be based on; convincing others to see the world from your  point of view.  And where does “your” point of view come from?  Oh yeah, from what someone else told you.

Who knows?  Maybe having enemies and wars is the key to advancement.  Afterall technology has developed at hyper speed over the past 100+ years due to national defense concerns in every country.  Where will technology be in another 100 years…(if we’re still here)?  It’s hard to imagine.  My greatest fear is that technology will out pace our own development and will ultimately do us more harm than good.

There’s a scripture that reads: 1 Cor. 13:13

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

I like to think that the meaning of love is simply to understand.  No matter your faith, political view or  race  we are here in this place and time for only a short time; why not use it to understand why and finally live according to that purpose.

– Dehypnotize



The book of Revelation has always been intriguing to me, in that it seems to cover up more than it reveals.  The metaphors and similes leave a great deal of information to be interpreted by the reader.  If you’re like most people you leave that up to the more learned individual.  There could be a college course on that book alone.

So,  what is Revelations trying to show to us?  The signs that befall the end of the world?  The final battle between good and evil?  Maybe its to show us what heaven is going to be like once we die…of course if you make it.  Whatever the reason for it, it has been the cause of much debate from it’s inception.  Now,  as a preacher’s kid,  I heard just about every interpretation of this book that one could imagine, but none of them ever satisfied my desire for clarity.

There are so many versions of what’s right and what’s wrong I was not sure what to believe.  I’ve read that the reason for the bible being written in parables and metaphors is so that only certain people would get the understanding of it…  Hold on let me make sure I have this correct.  Your father has life saving or life altering information for your but he hides it from you to make sure you really want it?  By the way if you don’t find what was hidden from you, your punishment is not a failing grade but eternal torture…talk about the punishment not fitting the crime.

Another question I had was, with the universe being as large as it is, why was satan banished to the one place that we know of where humans live?  Also, if God couldn’t deal with him in his house how in the world am I supposed to deal with him in mine?  Then there’s the angels and demons coming down and mating with earthly women.  So, the women of earth are so attractive that even the angels and demons can’t resist them but I as a man should be able to?

Now I know this is where I’ll lose a lot of people because there’s one thing that you don’t mess with when it comes to any person and that’s their belief system.  Ironically that’s the very thing that should be messed with in our lives.  Most of what we believe has been passed down through family tradition so this is what becomes ‘right’ to us.  Ask any black Republican if it’s ok to not think like the masses.  Ask any white person in a mixed race relationship if it’s ok to not think like the masses.  We live in a society of cookie cutter, brainwashed ignorance and although our intentions are good the outcome is much less attractive.

For example most religions teach that you should love your neighbor and treat them the way you’d like to be treated… unless they don’t believe like you do.  How many God sanctioned wars have been carried out over the past millenia for this cause?  How many people have lost their lives due to cultural practices of this era.    This way of thinking persists even until today where a father, in some countries, can murder his daughter for bringing shame to the family by not marrying her cousin.  This practice is done to keep the bloodline pure… wouldn’t want them mating with other humans now.

I’m not telling you what to believe or not I’m only saying don’t believe what you do because that’s what you were told by your parents or because everyone else believes it…(I know, not you.)  Most of the stress in our lives is self-induced but we’re too blinded by the trees of suggestion to see the forests of illusion we live in.