Black Friday 2012 Goes Online (Wal – Mart workers strike)

I read an article the other day about Wal – Mart employees planning a walkout on Black Friday due to the invasion of family time.  Now I can totally agree with the employees here.  At what point does family become more important than profit?  What’s the point of having holidays if you’re not able to spend them with your family?  Holidays should be a time to take a break from the everyday chaos, not a time to create more.

But why would Wal-Mart do this?  How could they be so insensitive?  Because the people have demanded it.  The earlier that people were willing to get out and stand in the cold waiting for the doors to open, the earlier the stores begin to open.  So, now it’s basic supply and demand.  So, I totally agree with Wal-mart too.

Alas, someone in operations saw the light, “Why not put Black Friday deals online?” 

“Genius!” another responded.  We’ll allow people to order online and have their products shipped directly to them! Why didn’t someone think of this before?”

“I don’t know, maybe we thought that people wouldn’t go for it.  I think people actually like standing in line, in the cold……..(fictional story).

Seriously though, are most people that suggestible that they’d continue this behavior even with the option of not having to go through it?  I certainly hope not

The site listed below is a conglomeration of all of your favorite stores including the ones offering Black Friday deals.  Some of them even give you cash back for shopping online… think of the employees…

Click below for black Friday Deals:

There are plenty of great gift ideas none like the gift of time… shop Black Friday online.

Black Friday deals online :

Thinking grown and sexy for the holidays?  18+ Please

X-treme Couponing – A new source of Income

It’s a little ironic that I’m writing about this considering my deficiency in balancing the spend/save ratio.  Knowing this, I’ve turned all the financial duties over to my wife. (Her field is in finances so I thought it may be a good idea.) Miraculously at the end of the month I have a little more money to spend than when I was at the helm.  I still can’t figure this out…lol

The other day she frantically calls from upstairs, ” Oh my God! Honey, come here quick!”  I morph into super hero mode and dash upstairs to ward off any intruder.  In my haste I trip and somehow managed to fall ‘up’ the stairs stubbing my big toe in the process. I yell out, “What, what?!”  To keep from screaming in agony.

She’s sitting at her computer eyes stretched wider than they were made to.  “Hurry come look at this sale I just found on this website!”

……………………………..Seriously?  I was sooo mad, but now I’m already up there so I might as well look at the stupid sale.  Ok, the sale was nice but, it still wasn’t nice  enough to make the pain in my toe go away.  She made me watch a cable show once where this family bought something like $3,000.00 worth of merchandise for $75.00 just using coupons.  Great show but couponing’s not really my thing so I just made note that it was possible.  Well, after showing me how we’d save more than $800.00 this year using this method alone , I was a little more interested.  Now I don’t know how you’re doing in this economy but we’re still trying to save every penny that we can.  I buy all of my office supplies online now and $800.00 savings certainly goes a long way.

Here’s how you can recognize your savings as income,  take the actual amount that you’ve saved each month and place it into a separate account.  At the end of the year you’ll have that extra Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, money.

Bottom line here is there are many ways to save money, but since we’re mostly impulse buyers we don’t take the time to plan how much we’re going to save before we go out and spend.  There’s a commercial that says it best,” 15 minutes can save you a lot of money.”  I didn’t realize how this related to suggestibility until my wife suggested it to me… go figure.  She explained how extreme shoppers do so by habit, extreme savers follow the same behavior.  Hmmm, what insight.

I know this is a little off of my normal subject matter but I thought it was definitely worth passing along.  Below I’ve listed a few FREE sites that we’ve found helpful and what they offer.;  check them out and leave some that you know of in the comment section.  Click on an image below to visit the site.


MyEcon : This site offers discounts % on travel, great restaurants as well as to all of your favorite department stores including : Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Best Buy and many more.   In addition to the coupons they actually give you cash back for shopping online.  I put this one first because they have a referral program that also pays you when your friends shop online too.  (This is the one she was yelling about.)


Free Grocery Coupons : As stated in the name, this site gives you a ton of ‘relevant’ free coupons.  It also describes techniques and tips on  saving tons of money on food, household, and other  items.  Definitely worth a look!


– Lozo – This company makes couponing a little easier by allowing four searches at once and they email you grocery coupons that match your list!


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