15 responses to “Pat Robertson’s cure for the cheating husband

    • First mister admitted to cheating fucked up from the start! When a man fucks another woman outside his marriage it does nt mean he don’t love his wife or mate, he’s just getting some ” outside pussy” that’s all! Ask women that’s been married for 35 year + they didn’t just give up on a marriage the first time a person cheats in aarriage.i onced fucked a woman that was married 38 yrs she just needed a little loving because her husband wasn’t able to perform, I enjoyed our one nightstand immensely but like she made it clear to me she loved her husband but she loved fucking me! So that can go both ways man or woman. I
      Agree with pat on some of that shit he was talking it is so many fatherless children today because everyone wants to be in command no one wants to follow.

  1. I always suspected that man was sick in the head. This confirms it. JMO Trust is like a piece of paper (and this is not my quote, read it elsewhere) “once crumpled, it cannot be restored.” Captured??? Poor little victims, this man needs not just one therapists but thousands to undo the thousands of years of patriarchal bullshit our women have been force fed for centuries. Enough hog wash. Enough hogs, period. Turning the computer on is a fucking CHOICE. Make better choices. Get better, happier results for all concerned. This is garbage and I’m surprised he can still get away with such attempts to control women and keep men from being accountable for their very OWN SLEAZY BEHAVIORIAL CHOICES. It wouldn’t surprise me if he is a closet (fill in blank here) for any sleazy behaviour. Taking this is like oppression of the ability to think, be responsible and accountable for those choices that perfectly DESTROY RELATIONSHIPS. There is no rewind and no replay. I hope this man is aware of that. If I dare compliment his idiocy by calling him a man. I know I ranted and I am sorry but I cannot abide oppression in the name of religion or any other name. Jesus Christ Almighty does not want little children, women, boys and girls all over the world hurt and harmed just because adult men REFUSE to control their own minds. If there is a Jesus Christ, that is. After watching this, I can’t be sure of anything anymore. I thought I was living in 2013.

      • And I’ll bet you’d be wrong!!! Thirty five years this year. Wasn’t a wise bet considering you know NOTHING about me and EVERYTHING you need to know about his royal idiocy… “just don’t mention it” “keep him happy and he won’t stray” PFFFFFFFT I left mine because of MULTIPLE betrayals which, in my opinion, were far WORSE than adultery — it says right in the bible not to betray your spouse — just the 10 commandments cover that bit in case you missed it as that man OBVIOUSLY HAS. Sorry for your wive(s)/partner(s) – they have my condolences is what I say to that assuming comment. ASSUME= ASS of U and ME while I assumed nothing and went purely off what the so-called man said of himself. People really do tell us who THEY are. Thank you for telling me who you ARE. Not interested in continuing any discussion with ASSUMERS or LYING DECEIVERS of any faith. Wait. There is no faith where those are exercised wittingly, just unconscionable behavior excused by so-called faith. Patriarchy in it’s worst form. Reminds me of what the priests did to my First Nations friends. NO thanks. Goodbye.

  2. I’m still shaking my head… I was raging mad at first to hear what PR was saying but surprisingly, my next thought was “He’s entitled to his own opinion.” Where did that thought come from and when did I get so tolerant of ignorance???? Maybe I’ve finally found a small amount of wisdom to be able to walk away from something I can not change. That being a case of a public figure spouting off dogma that is decades in the making. His righteousness and arrogance is shameful. Hopefully he will retire soon and the influence that he welds over the lost will be gone.

  3. Was so shocked to hear this type of myopic thinking in North America in 2013, I shared this elsewhere and found the only people who spoke out were entirely against the archaic thinking of that male being in the video. Enough old boys school thinking. I am not against men and actually love many including brothers and partner. But they do not think this way nor do they want their women thinking this way. Nor am I religious but as a spiritual, sensitive earth walker, I am loyal and expect same. It’s only fair. It really doesn’t matter to me what gender or sexual preference people are as long as they are authentic and have common decency of respect for one another and others. If you agree on an open relationship going in, that’s your business but I cannot do that. I have no time for any thinking that allows latitude for one gender over the other either and I firmly believe that you will not find a man HAPPY to have his wife fool around on him with other men or speak so lightly of her betrayal: “just keep her happy at home and she won’t stray” “just don’t mention it to her, focus on why you fell in love with her in the first place.” Lord, if there is one, fix this, please. I guess I’m done but this loosy goosy crap really rankles me because it just smacks of old boys club… ugh. Sorry I blogged on your blog. You can thank Rudolph the Assumer for that, lol.

    • lol… no problem. That’s why I posted this, I really wanted to hear what people were saying about this idea in 2013. Things seem to be changing so drastically in the relationship experience these days I wanted to see just how much it had. Thanks for your thoughts!

      • It is sad and that’s the last I’ll say, lol 😀 Promise. Maybe. LOL Glad to add my voice wherever I am moved to do so! But you’d never guess that, LOL Happy Sunday 🙂

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